April 03, 2006

Touchy? Moi?

Steven seems to be having problems with his e-mail. I can honestly say that I have nothing to do with it, and I'll testify at the trial of any of my "F1 fanboy minions" that they were having lunch with me. Do juries accept the 'crossed fingers' plea?

I'll end the controversy by saying that if you want to go in a straight line very very quickly, Steven's funnycars are better at that than a F1 car. If you're looking to turn, slow down or stop, and re-accelerate, a F1 car is better than a funnycar. *shrug* Though I'll point out that while the funnycar can go 330mph, it takes 8000hp to do it. F1 cars can go a signifigant fraction of 330mph (like 240mph) with "only" 900hp.

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