November 19, 2006

F1 Tech: Wussy? HELL, NO!

Pete, in a comment yesterday, mentioned the "wussification of F1 with green technologies."

Now, see, I don't happen to agree with the view that 'going green' is going all wussy-treehuggy. In fact, considering the history of F1 as the technological leader in motorsports, it's exactly the right thing to do.

Hell, if they could make an electric-motor-powered F1 car that could go (say) 200mph for 250 miles (or signifigant fractions thereof with pitstops) without burning gasoline, I think that'd be amazingly cool. If they could do those numbers running on any number of green technologies, that'd be fantastic.

If it kills the speeds, however, or makes the cars only go 5 laps between pitstops, then forget it. But technological advances are not to be shunned in F1; remember that F1 has ALWAYS been the leader in motorsports technology... and F1 tech flows down to our cars. Disc brakes, turbochargers, tire makeup, antilock braking systems (and traction control)... all worked out in F1 before they made it to our humble Toyotas and Chryslers. Why NOT 'green' tech?

Besides, who knows? Maybe they'll have something like garbage-powered Ferraris.

And there will always be people like Steven DenBeste, who think that F1 is vaguely pansyish anyway. Amazing that someone so smart can be so dumb, but what can you do, huh?

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November 04, 2006


Remember the online F1 race simulator I talked about a while back called BATracer?

I'm about to win my first championship.

In A1GP, no less! No teammates, everybody in identical cars, a test of skill between you and the other 21 people in the league... the toughest of all the BATracer game types, and I'm 34 points up with two races left to go. The most anybody can make up on me is 22 points.

I've had 11 podiums in 20 races (#2 has 7 podiums). I've won four races (the next best, down at 8th place, has won three). I've earned points in 15 of the 20 races, plus one race where I finished 12th but had fast lap of the race (which earns a point) I've got the best average qualifying position, at 6.8th. Only the one previously mentioned fastest lap, though.

After lord knows HOW many seasons I've run of CART, A1GP, and F1 2006, I've finally reached that holy grail.

I'm almost embarrassed at how happy I am about this.


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