June 05, 2009

F1 Practice: Turkey 2009!

Take a sheet of 2-grit sandpaper.  Apply this vigorously to the side of a very large, very old, and very very pissed off bull.

That was the sound Sebastian Vettel's engine made when the Red Bull's gearbox tried to select two gears at the same time... or the driveshaft came adrift... or whatever it was that happened to it.  No matter what it was, it was not a pleasant sound at all, and one I've never heard from a F1 car before.  The smoke wasn't bad, but something got really codswallopped in there.

In other news, nobody has any idea how McLaren is going to do.  Heikki Kovaleininninninnie was fastest on the day, but Lewis Hamilton was well down the timesheets.  He also had multiple spins, and his car looked very twitchy all day.  On the other hand, Heikki's didn't look anywhere near as bad... I wonder if they're running different equipment?

The news of the day, however, was that only HWMNBN could get anything out of the softer of the two tire compounds, hauling his Renault up to second only .006 seconds behind.  Everybody else, however, looked like they were driving on pudding when they put on the softs.  Look for long stints on the hard compounds to begin with, so teams can minimize the time spent on the softs.  Funny, usually softer tires work better around this particular track.

Quals on Saturday.

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