October 17, 2008

F1 Practice: China 2008!

It's fact that in F1 practice, you can't really put anything down on the speed shown.  Different teams, even different cars in a team, may very well be working on something different from another team.  Toyota might be working on setup, Ferrari on tire wear, Toro Rosso just going out to set high speeds, and Super Aguri on finding funding.

However, there are times where you might be able to glean some nuggets of information from a practice, and today's second practice is probably one of those times.  With both championships up for grabs, Lewis Hamilton came out early in P2 and blew the rest of the field away with a 1:35.750.  Nobody else broke the 1:36 barrier, despite having nearly 90 minutes to shoot at it.  Hamilton's main competition for the Driver's Championship, Felipe Massa, put up a 1:36.480, good for 6th best on the day. 

And all this after stomping over everybody in Friday's first practice, too.  Again, it's dangerous to base anything on Friday practice numbers, but those numbers have to make you sit up and take notice.

In other news, HWMNBN still has a few issues with his year at McLaren.  During Thursday's pre-race interview session, HWMNBN said, flat out, he'd do whatever he could do to help Massa beat Hamilton.  Considering that HWMNBN basically despises Hamilton, this makes one wonder if we'll be seeing the Renault punting the McLaren into low earth orbit soon.  He says no, but we'll see once the heat of the race comes around.

Also, you may remember that after the Japanese Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel and Alex "Man-Mountain" Wurz were going to climb Mt Fuji, with the plan being that they'd summit at dawn.  Indeed, they managed to do so, but Wurz was partially eaten by a yuki-onna during the descent.  While unfortunate, this will allow him to fit better in the cockpit of the car that he test drives for Honda.

Quals later!

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If HWMNBN deliberately takes out Hamilton, I would think that would be a permanent-disqualification offense. This is F1, not destruction derby.

No matter how much HWMNBN may despise Hamilton, I can't see him being willing to terminate his career just to screw over Hamilton for this season.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at October 17, 2008 08:03 PM (+rSRq)

2 If only I could believe that, I would.  Unfortunately, the FIA has a history of ignoring such things:  some guy named Michael Schumacher in 1994 and 1997, against his nearest competitor in the driver's championship.  In the '94 incident, it won him the championship, and there were no penalties.  In 1997, he was excluded from the championship standings for ramming Jack Newhouse. 

Alonso could easily do it on a passing attempt of some sort, claim it was a 'racing incident', and get away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

I don't think he WOULD do it, but the possibility can't be ruled out, can it?  Particularly since he won't win anything this year, and he's not likely to get a permaban.

Posted by: Wonderduck at October 17, 2008 08:51 PM (AW3EJ)


Well, well, well...nothing like a good backstory.  If it was something that was favorable to Ferrari, I have a feeling that the Powers That Be would turn a blind eye to whatever it was.



Posted by: Mallory at October 18, 2008 07:32 PM (WJ2qy)

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