June 01, 2012

"You're Old!" Milestone #2 Reached

Milestone #1: turning 40.  Did that four years ago.

Milestone #2: bifocals. 

Or, in my case, progressive lenses.  Three distinct zones: far away, not far away, and reading.  Computer screen falls into the "not far away" category, but only barely.  It's like looking at the world through a fishbowl.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.  My last eye checkup was over six years ago, and I've noticed a distinct amount of fuzziness around objects for the past half-year or so.  So I hied myself over to LensCrafters on Wednesday for a trip to the OptyDoc.  She said "your left eye hasn't gotten any worse.  The astigmatism in your right eye has, however."  Just how much worse?  One full diopter's worse.  The technicians told me that I now have four times as much vision correction in that lens as I did.  However, I was right on the edge of needing bifocals.  My vanity, of course, said "nope, no bifocals for me!"  And out the door I went with my new glasses.

...and immediately realized two things.  1) everything seemed farther away, and B) everything was sharper and clearer.  Neat!  And then I misjudged the distance to a curb and sprained my ankle when I stepped off a stride earlier than I expected.  I went through all of Thursday with the glasses, and noticed that I was having problems seeing mid-range things... like computer screens, or the dashboard of the DuckMobile.  I figured it was just a case of my eyes adjusting.

This morning, I realized it wasn't an adjustment thing, I needed something bigger than that.  So back I went to LensCrafters this afternoon, where they took more of my money and gave me back a new set of progressive lenses... and boy, is it gonna take time to get used to these.  On the way home, I stopped at Walgreens and realized that I was... nodding... as I'm looking at the shampoo, trying to figure out what part of my lenses I needed to look through to not be blurry.  And walking through the aisles.  And being rung up.  And in my car.  I feel like one of those drinking birds.

But at least I can see, right?

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1 Welcome to the club!  I got mine a couple years ago.  In my case, I need to tilt my head back to read my computer screen, but everything else seems to be at the normal viewing angle.

Posted by: Siergen at June 02, 2012 09:46 AM (PuIGa)

2 I just got back from a "grocery" run (some soda, both for Pond Central and for work, some Gatoraid, again for both places, mouthwash), and halfway through I felt nauseous.  I closed my eyes for a second and it went away.  Kept looking through the wrong part of the lens, then adjusting to the right part, with a noticeable "swimming" effect.

I haven't even had them 24 hours yet, so I'm hardly concerned, but that was unpleasant.

Posted by: Wonderduck at June 02, 2012 11:48 AM (V/OLv)

3 I have reading glasses as well as the regular ones now, but haven't made the leap to bifocals (or multifocals) - yet.  Not so much vanity as that I tend to spend hours at one distance or the other and don't switch that often.

But when I need to read labels in the supermarket, that's a nuisance. (And I do, because I'm gluten and lactose intolerant.)

Posted by: Pixy Misa at June 02, 2012 11:59 AM (PiXy!)

4 I'm way overdue for mine.  I HAVE the benefit, I just need to USE it.

they do make some lenses specifically for computer distances which have a larger mid-range section.

Posted by: Mauser at June 02, 2012 09:35 PM (cZPoz)

5 Got mine 10 years ago (at 45)  and never wear them.
Pure luck, I suppose.

Posted by: skyhack at June 04, 2012 10:30 PM (3ESSA)

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