November 30, 2012

Well, THAT'S Just Creepy...

Yesterday, as I took a break at the Duck U Bookstore, I happened to glance at a copy of the local newspaper... and promptly my bill hit the floor.  Gathering it up, I read the article again... and felt my feathery heart sink.

For much of the past month or so, there's been a terrible story coming out about a young woman who was murdered and her body dumped in the local river.  Of course, the husband was suspected... they always are... but from what I'd been able to glean, the police didn't have enough proof to file charges.

Well, the other day the police DID charge the young woman's husband with first degree murder.  The newspaper put his picture on the front page... which is why my bill hit the floor.

I knew him.

Heck, I worked with him for a year.  It's been maybe 15 years since I last saw the guy, when I walked out of RadioShanty to take over my bookstore, but I spent plenty of time at work with him before that.  And he was just a regular guy.

To say that I was more than a little weirded out is an understatement.  Still am, truth be told.  15 years changes a person, to be sure... I'm not the same duck I was when I was 29, after all... but one never expects to hear that someone you knew may be a murderer.

Here's something to get that thought out of your head: Nori-chan in a cow suit!

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November 23, 2012

Too Ornery To Go For Long

Steven's back, and he's responding very well to therapy!

What a relief!

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November 13, 2012

Aw, Crap On A Stick...

Steven had a stroke the other night.

'Round these here parts, there ain't nobody happy 'bout this.  Get better soonest, Steven!

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November 10, 2012

I'm On A Horse

I've been playing Skyrim again.  This is my horse, Shadowmere.

As you can tell by the glowing eyes, Shadowmere is kind of a badarse.  I've seen him go head-first into a dragon's breath, come out the other side on fire, and start kicking all sorts of dragon butt.  There's another talent Shadowmere has, however... one that's much more valuable.


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November 08, 2012

A Nightly Walk

What have we here, thought Mouse as he saw the figure stroll by.  It was a dark night, but there was enough light from the tavern windows to see that the... man?  Woman?... was well-dressed in a foreign style.  Perfect, nobody local will miss... him, Mouse decided as he slipped away from the tavern and through the shadows.  Mouse wasn't the best thief in the world, but he was plenty good.  Good enough to take this guy without having to work hard.  He's not even paying attention... well, his loss is my gain, he said to himself.  He had given himself the nickname "Mouse" a long time ago, because his mother had thought that "Marei" was a nice name for a boy.  That he could scurry through the darkness like an small rodent helped with the nickname, too.  He'd made a good living taking pouches and wallets in the Dark Quarter of the City, and often enough further up The Hill too.  That's where he got the blade he now loosened in its scabbard, the blade that his appraiser friend told him was part skymetal.  Not the whole thing, but from the point maybe an inch down was coaxed out of a rock that fell from where the stars were.  Mouse supposed his friend was telling the truth; he'd offered 200 gold and a Forestling Knife in exchange, after all.  Two hundred would have made for a good month or two, Mouse smiled, or one helluva weekend

Mouse had worked his way down an alley and gotten past the foreigner now, and taken position in a dark alcove.  He's totally lost in his own world.  Maybe a scholar?  They're supposed to be absent-minded, snickered Mouse.  I'll be teaching him a lesson in a moment.  He pulled the knife out and waited for the scholar to walk by, all the while holding his breath.  A moment later, he struck, the knife easily slipping through the expensive-looking robe and into the heart underneath.  This surprised Mouse not at all.  On those fortunately uncommon times he'd had to fight his way out of a blown heist, the skymetal blade had shown that it could punch through steel armor as easily as it could slice cheese.  Even that Darneshhi cheese, the one with the chewy crust-like thing on it, that'd be tasty for dinner... maybe Scholar here will have a purse big enough.  Hey, did it get warm all of a sud...  Mouse's skeleton flared brightly, incinerating him from the inside-out as the skymetal blade turned a glowing white before it, too, disappeared from the searing heat.

Ow, that hurt, crossed the mind of the well-dressed mage.  More than it did the last time someone snuck up on me, come to think of it... magic blade, maybe?  The damaged flesh does seem to be knitting back together a little slower than normal... well, no matter.   Where was I?  The mage continued his nightly stroll.  He was sure S'nleen would berate him for not paying better attention to his surroundings, but when he got to thinking like that ...and what thoughts they were.  Where does magic come from, anyway?  Every wizard, spellcaster, parlor mage or farmer with a nasty disposition towards rats thought the question at least once in their lives, but I might actually be able to find the answer.

The night's walk lasted a very long time.

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November 07, 2012

Inventory... Yay?

Inventory is over and done with.  While we won't know the official numbers for about two weeks, preliminary reports are that it didn't suck.

My regular irregular blogginating will resume Thursday.  More or less.

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November 06, 2012

A Major Milestone

While the American people go forth and vote for their choice of either a head of cabbage or a... head of cabbage, something truly important occurred today... to whit:

That's the DuckMobile's odometer at roughly 6pm this evening.  A 1996 Toyota Camry with 111111 miles on it?  Heck, I'm going to have to drive a stake through its engine block and bury it at a cloverleaf interchange to see it go away.

Okay everybody, go back to watching the news to see which head of cabbage wins.

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Inventory! Yay!

We've got inventory at the Duck U Bookstore this afternoon and tomorrow.  Yay?

You may not see me until Thursday.

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