February 28, 2007

"Elmer Season!"

Gotta love the expression on the duck's face in panel 2...

(from Lio, by Mark Tatulli. Check out more about the series HERE. Thanks in advance to the syndicators and the artist for not suing me.)

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February 24, 2007

"I hate Illinois Nazis."

The Brickmuppet is looking for the source of this picture, as well as having a bad week.

G'wan over and take a look. I think it's a piece of fanart, m'self, but I could easily be wrong.

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February 21, 2007

They were silly to even THINK about...

...canning The Duck.

Of course, all of this talk about putting an end to the Duck was true... until We had a little talk with them. If we can end the Tsar's rule, we can handle an insurance company...


No relation, but that's one good lookin' duck.

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February 20, 2007

D@mn you, Sid Meier!

He's done it to me AGAIN. I've got "One-More-Turn Disease" again!

Civ IV is the culprit, but I can't entirely blame Sid this time around. No, he's got an accomplice now, a modder that goes by the name of "Sevo". Sevo took Civ IV, a good but not great game, and tweaked EVERYTHING.

The result is Sevomod. New units (including ethnically diverse settlers, workers, and scouts... no longer do the Zulu look like they're from Sweden!), new leaders and civs, new buildings, new techs (that make sense!), new wonders (and movies), new resources (salt? Who'd ever think THAT was important?***), and, even more impressive, new music and quotations for everything! It's an 170mb download, though... thank heavens Duck U. doesn't block 'direct downloads.'

To say this game has become engrossing is to put it mildly. Tonight is anime night, and I'll have to pull myself away for the evening... I hope I can manage it.

*** more...

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February 18, 2007

Daytona 500

Say what you want about NASCAR being a 'hick sport,' perfect for the redneck set. Say what you want about the cars 'going fast and turning left.' It's pretty much all true.

But DAMN, can they put on a show!

The ending of the Daytona 500 had the winner, Kevin Harvick, coming from somewhere around 10th on the last lap, beating Mark Martin by .002 seconds. On the tube, that was about, oh, two feet.
Photo from Fox Sports

It also had a huge accident on the last lap. One driver finished 18th by crossing the finish line upside down on his roof AND on fire to boot.
That's JPM on the outside... finishing BEHIND the car that's upside down and on fire.

You won't ever see something like that finish in a F1 race... for good AND bad.

UPDATE: I couldn't resist this...
Happy Monday!

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February 17, 2007


250 mph on the water.

Better traction on the ground.

More manueverable in the air.

Ph34r!  Ph34r t3h 3\/1L!  Mwah-hahaha-HAAAAAA!

Next step: biplane ducks. Then ducks with the CC gear. Then ducks with heat-seeking missiles! Then we will RULE THE WORLD!!!!1!1!!eleventy!

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February 13, 2007

Ahhhhhh, spring!

Yes, Spring is here... Spring is here, life is skittles and life is beer.
(/Lehrer off)

Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training camps today. In 49 days, the baseball season starts for my Chicago Cubs.

The return of baseball is one of those things that, well, makes me happy. Then I realize I'm a Cubs fan, and life goes back to normal, but for those few short minutes... things are Good!

All of which is my way of saying that I had a really nice post on parody AMVs that I was going to put up here, but I took a nap that lasted for almost five hours, and now I don't have time to put it up tonight.

Wednesday night, though...

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February 11, 2007


That's good, Steven.

The Pond had the same mascot ("Zsolt, the F1 Duck") back in October of 2005, though.

I appreciate the gesture, though.

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February 04, 2007

SuperBowl XLI

Just a few hours away now. I won't be liveblogging, but there will be comments at halftime, not to mention trashtalking over at The Astronomicon's place. WARNING: foul language is expected from sk8.

Remember my prediction: Bears 30, Colts 24. Actually, I think that predicted score is a little high; after the past two weeks, I've come to think Bears 27, Colts 21, but I'll stick with my original.

That way, when it turns out 27-21, I can say 'well, at least I've got it on a post.'

Any other guesses?

Update @ 223pm: Just saw an interesting little factoid over at AoMM..."And, finally, the past national championships for various pro and college sports have all been won by the underdogs. The NBA in 2006? Miami featuring a beyond washed up GP, Shaq, and Alonzo. The MLB? St. Louis with Suppan and Weaver as their 'aces.' The BCS? Florida berating Ohio State like a random Chinese guy berating another random Chinese guy... ...I think you get the feeling for the trend for the Super Bowl. In other words, be careful betting against the underdog."


UPDATE, 527pm: Three things just before kickoff...
1) The Thunderbirds did the flyover. They were HERE for DuckBurg's Airshow this summer. Neat thing: they had a camera inside the cockpit of the lead plane, and the shot was shown on the jumbotrons in the stadium.
2) Patrick Mannely, longsnapper for the Bears, has a great porn mustache.
3) Bears win the coinflip.


UPDATE, 706pm, Halftime. Bears down by two, 16-14. Sloppy, sloppy game by both teams, but the Colts got things cleaned up in the 2nd quarter, while the Bears kept dropping the ball. The D is doing the job, though, if only the offense (read "Rex Grossman") could actually show up. Losing Cedric Benson to a badly sprained knee ain't gonna help.

Prince rocks.

UPDATE, 717pm: Prince went from Hendrix's All Along The Watchtower to The Foo Fighter's The Best Of You, and made my jaw hit the floor. DAMN nice cover.

UPDATE, 903pm: ...and the party's over. Close the coffin, fade to black. The Colts just kicked the Bears butt all over the field. Congrats to them, kudos to the Bears for a great season.


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February 03, 2007

So, what's new?

The Bears/Colts SuperBowl is tomorrow.

I'm up to episode 13 of Kanon 2006, and will probably catch up to where the 'subs are now tonight.

I'm kinda bored with the games I have on my computer.

...and we just finished the Rush/Returns/Inventory three-week stretch at Duck U.

Anybody have anything they want to discuss? Or have discussed via duck?

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February 02, 2007

About That Energy Source...

SDB's at it again: "20070202.1005: A viable source of infinite free energy has been discovered. Naturally, the great Duck Revolutionary cabal has been suppressing it, to maintain their power."

Not quite. The Infinite Source of Power doesn't use a potato. Ducks don't eat potatoes.

Close, though.


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