August 22, 2006

A Post About Nothing... And Everything.

Y'know, I'm constantly amazed at the variety of lifeforms that inhabit Duck U. The first day of classes for the new school year is this week, and we at the Bookstore will be seeing everybody who attends the U over the next seven days.

The mass of humanity (duckanity?) is stunning. There are people...

(The Duck sez: The rest of this post has been deleted.)

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August 16, 2006


I'm just not feelin' the bloggin' tonight. Either that or I haven't found anything interesting to write about, one of the two.

Maybe it's jealousy. I have my usual crowd of bloggers that I go to every day, and they're all so damn good that it makes me want to just close down The Pond and go home.

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August 14, 2006

The Greatest Headline Ever.

There are times in this life when you will be reading a newspaper, or browsing the newswebs, and you have to stop because you are struck dumb by the headline of an article. You read the headline, and you know, just KNOW, that you MUST read the news blurb attached to it.

And so it was today, when I saw The Greatest Headline Ever:

Seven Die In Toilet Accident.

While the deaths of these seven men is a tragedy, and I hate myself for finding humor in it, I cannot help but chuckle. I'm going straight to hell.

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August 13, 2006


Monday begins a run of 12 straight days at work, culminating in the beginning of the Fall semester at Duck U.

For all intense porpises (say it out loud), this is the Duck U. Bookstore's Christmas season. The textbook biz isn't like regular retail, really. Our "Christmas Season" is about three weeks long and is seperated into two distinct pieces by a period of about 5 months. Then we go into minor hibernation.

In those three weeks, though, the Duck U. Bookstore will do roughly 75-80% of our yearly sales. That's not too extreme in this biz; I know of one store that does 95% of their $1.5 million in sales in three days (caveat: they're a high school. The place is still a madhouse in those three days, though). The rest of the year's sales is clothing and supplies, essentially.

So, knowing all that, I'm still going to try and blog every day. Don't be surprised if I fail miserably, though.

I also have the entire CardCaptor Sakura series to watch sometime... 18 DVDs (thanks for the heads-up a week or so ago, Steven), 70-some-odd episodes, for less than $80? For what's considered one of the best anime series of all time? Sign me up for that!

It appears that TRSI found some type of deal at The first 15 DVDs were shrinkwrapped together with an Amazon barcode on it, then the last three DVDs were shrinkwrapped to THAT. As long as they all work, and as long as it isn't that nightmarish English version, Cardcaptors, I don't care where it came from, at that price!

Right, I'm off to go plunder a cave near Skingrad now (i.e., still playing Oblivion)!

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August 10, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Okay, so I haven't posted in a few days. I've got a good excuse. No, really, I do!

My excuse is called OBLIVION, and it's consuming a lot of my waking hours that aren't spent at work.

Fascinating game. Beautiful to look at, fun to play, engrossing world. It actually reminds me of the 'old days' of pen & paper D&D... Hey, Vaucanson's Duck! What was the name of your campaign again?

I've been playing for about 20 hours now, and I'm only 2nd level... which is fine with me. I'm still learning the game.

But oh, what fun it is to learn!

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August 03, 2006

Programming Note

My life has been thrown completely askew the past couple of days. I'm not entirely at liberty to explain ALL of the reasons behind this in public, but lets just say I'm really looking forward to the race this Sunday. It's something normal for me to root myself to.

If you're really curious, feel free to e-mail me. I wouldn't mind explaining the whole thing.

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