November 30, 2017

Returning For A Visit

Why does the internet go insane?  Every now and again, something will grab the attention of The Web and, for a couple-three weeks or so become kinda obsessed with it.  Usually the item at the center of attention is among the stupider things one could think of.  But occasionally, the internet sets its sights on something that's actually kinda interesting.

Last year, the town of Jackson Hole Wyoming became internet famous when a live-streaming webcam focused on the "town square" was inundated by visiting yootoobers.  Apparently, one of the troglodytes that inhabits 4chan posted in that den of iniquity something to the effect that there was going to be something interesting occurring at such-and-such a time.  Of course, some ridiculous number of people showed up to watch whatever it was... I don't even know if the something even happened or not... but then something strange happened.  People kept visiting.  And visiting.  And visiting.  Then the mainstream media "discovered" the story, and then there was another surge of visitors.  At any time, there could be upwards of 3000 - 4000 watching.

Amazingly, a complex backstory arose... or maybe not that amazing, this being the internet and all.  The Arch, centered in the above picture, became a mythological... almost religious... thing.  One spoke of The Arch in reverent tones, its wonders to perceive.  For example, The Arch was the bringer of the new day, which was signaled by the stop lights shifting from normal to flashing red.  The Arch must also be fed, accomplished by people... well... walking through The Arch.  Om nom nom.  But the best known reaction would have to be "RED TRUCK."

This is Wyoming.  The pickup truck may as well be the state bird.  Most of them, however, are black.  Or silver.  Or some neutral color like that.  I imagine that, the first time, there had been a parade of pickup trucks, all alike... and then came a splash of color among the utilitarian blacks and silvers.  "Red Truck," someone pointed out in chat, and it stuck.  Lemme tell ya though... I was actually watching one time when a red 18-wheeler drove through the intersection, and it was like all the important figures of every human religion ever suddenly appeared and did a Rockettes number in the center of the square.  Good times, good times.

In the end, however, the appeal of the webcam died off, people went away, and things returned to normal... except there's always been a couple hundred viewers hanging around.  A couple of nights ago, I found myself visiting the webcam for the first time in a half-year at least.  It felt like I was the only one who remembered those times, as I had to explain what The Blessed Arch was, and the Red Truck, and... and...

Why did we do it?  Was it the voyeur in all of us, watching without being watched ourselves?  Was it an attempt to be a part of something both unique and mundane?  Was it to connect with others watching as well?  Did we want to see something peaceful?  Or was it just The Internet being The Internet again?   I don't know.  I will probably never know.  But I will be going back.

The yootoob livecam can be found here.

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November 23, 2017

Post-Turkey 2017

Hey everybody!  Did y'all have a happy Thanksgiving?  Or, for those members of the Pond Scum that aren't in the US, did you have a good Thursday?  Mine was... actually not so bad at all.  I'm not going to the Old Home Pond for The Meal until Saturday, so I got to do something I've wanted to do for a long, long time: I watched football on Thanksgiving.

That I had no rooting interest in any of the six teams that played today is of no importance at all.  In fact, that made it better in that I didn't care about the results, so could just watch and enjoy.  I watched the entirety of the Vikings/Lions game, listened to the Chargers/Cowboys which wow was awful, and gave up on the Giants/Redskins somewhere in the second quarter and took a nap.  Not a bad day at all, that.

What about you folks?

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November 12, 2017

Delay Delay Delay

So last night I went to sleep early, intending to wake up in time to watch the F1 race live form Brazil.  Instead, I had a nightmare of a night.  From around midnight to maybe 6am-ish, I was basically up every hour dealing with... um... a warp core breach.  

I've had more fun.  Anyway, the amount of sleep I had last night was insufficient to my needs which also led to massive headache that made me... um... cranky.  I had to cancel brunch with the folks, sort of moved around in a daze until I sat down to watch the race around noon, then promptly dozed off with a sandwich in my hand.  Once I woke up, I rewound the race, started it again, then dozed off at about the halfway point.  Didn't miss much, though.  Now that I've watched the thing, I'm going to go back to bed.  When I awake, I suspect I'm going to feel like a overcooked strand of mafaldine.

You can probably see where I'm going with all this.  It's not like the race was all that exciting anyway.  Bear with me, I am old and tired.

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November 05, 2017

I Blame Pixy. And J Greely. And Maybe Greyduck Too. (UPDATED)

Based on reviews, blurbs, comments, and otherwise out-and-out love given out over the years by the people in the title, I just bought the audiobook version of Storm Front, the first of The Dresden Files series, by Jim Butcher.

There are 15 books in the series.

I'm a inveterate completionist.

What have you done to me?  I thought we were friends, man.

UPDATE: J says below that the first books would probably be improved if they got someone good to read them, audiobook-wise.  They got someone good: James Marsters.  Who?

Oh.  Spike!  From the Buffyverse.  Guess what?  He's really damn good.  Stage trained, studied at Juilliard, that sorta thing.  His take on Harry Dresden as a worn-down, kinda tired private eye-kinda figure is... well, I can't really say.  I mean, I think it's perfect, but not having read the books, I can't compare it to my "mental reading", y'know?  To me, it works perfectly.

The first chapter is actually on yootoob, y'all that know the books give it a listen, tell me what you think.

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November 02, 2017

Still Around, Still Alive

Just... really busy, really really tired, and for a couple of nights this week I had Very Bad Dreams.  Things should loosen up a bit soon, however, and I'll write over the weekend.  Hold on until then, okay?  Thanks!

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