June 30, 2017

Remember Last Week...

...when I said there was a review of a fantastic show coming?  Remember when I said it would drop last Saturday?  Remember when it didn't?  Yeah, me too.  Good times, good times...

This weekend for sure!  

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June 28, 2017

Stormageddon 2017: This Time, It's Personal

It's shortly after 11pm here at Pond Central, and I got home from work about 15 minutes ago.  Yeah, I did a 12 hour day, plus some, but not because I was feeling diligent or anything.  No, it's because leaving would have been stoopid.  But why, I hear you ask.  Well, let's take a look at the weather radar picture for 910pm Pond Central time:

Boy, that's a lot of red and dark red.  Do you see where it says "Cherry Valley"?  That's approximately where my job is located... have you ever seen purple on a weather map before?  I sure haven't, and to be blunt, I hope I never do again.  Because holy crepe on a popsicle stick, that was a completely horrible storm.  At one point, there were three angry red triangles on the radar, each one signifying "tornadic activity"... either an actual twister on the ground, visible strong rotation in the clouds, or spotted via doppler radar.  My guess is that they were all doppler'd, since one of them was heading right down the street my place of employ is situated upon, yet we're still there.

No, what my side of Duckford got was rain and lots of it in a short time, followed by even more immediately after, accompanied by a side of rain, with a rain apertif.  Torrential would be the word I'm looking for.  Low-lying areas were completely flooded... and please note, the main exit from the job's parking lot is "a low-lying area."  I know this because of the squad car parked blocking the way out.  Fortunately, there's a back exit, which isn't low-lying, but then came the drive home.  There are three major ways I can get to Pond Central:

1) secondary/tertiary road "A" to road "B", aka "Pond Central's road".  

2) Arterial road "C" to secondary/tertiary road "D" to road "B".

3) Road "C" to Arterial road "E" to road "B". 

...there is also 2a) "C" to "D" to side road "F" to "E" to "B".

1) is the way I usually take to get home, and I never even considered taking it tonight... no streetlights at all, and it's nothing but up hill/down hill the entire way.   I never take 3)... it's too far out of the way.  So 2) it was then!

Until I got to "B"... and saw the police had blocked it off due to flooding in both directions.  Right, time to double back and try 2a).  I take this way even less than I do 3), just because why bother?  Well, halfway up "F" there was a frickin' river flowing across it.  I saw a semi cross it okay, but it bloody well left a wake and mini-tsunami behind it.  Hell, there was a bow wave any naval vessel would have been proud of.  Did I mention that the Duckmobile is not a semi?

Turn around, double back again to take 3).  This worked, all the way until "E"  intersected "F"... where a river ran through it.  Not a deep one, fortunately, but it gave me pause... and it made me wish he Duckmobile was a DUKWmobile.  So thus ended my epic trek from work to home... a trip that usually takes eight minutes was a 40 minute adventure.

I just saw that we got three inches of rain between 7pm and 8pm.  Good weather for rubber ducks!

Okay, I'm going to bed... gotta go to work in the morning!

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June 22, 2017

When 300 Isn't Enough...

...you do 301.  Simple, right?  Been a little busy at work the past couple of days, first time I've ever had 300-claim days back to back.  'Snice.  But oh my am I getting burned out.  Mandatory overtime is not pleasant except on the paycheck

Also, I've got a review of an utterly charming series that I completely missed when it first aired coming down the pike, hopefully Saturday it'll be up.  How much I liked it came as quite the surprise to me, to be honest.  It'll only take about an hour or two to finish up, but I'm going nuts as it is.  Two hours?  Right now better spent sleeping!  Of course, there'll be the usual F1 stuff this weekend too!  Look forward to it, won't you?

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June 15, 2017

A Long Hot Day

Duckford has been in the midst of a heatwave for the past week or so... highs in the 90s, humid as all get out when it hasn't been raining, either no wind or too much, you know the drill.  Summer in Northern Illinois, it's what's for breakfast.  I've been kinda grumpy as a result of all of this, of course.  I'd rather be cold than hot... at least when you're cold, you can always put on another sweatshirt; when you're hot there's a legal limit to how far you can disrobe.  I'm in the process of finishing up my mandatory overtime for the week... it's 930p, and I only got home about 20 minutes ago... and for the last two hours all I saw were corrected claims and reversals.  One after the other, here's a physician rebilling a claim because the contracts changed and now he can get two more dollars!  Which means working the new claim, then going into the old claim and cancelling that one in a way that we get our money back, then documenting in the new claim AND in another location altogether that you've done that, then pay the new claim.  For two frickin' hours.  There is blood in my eye and murder in my heart.

And tomorrow?  I'm makin' waffles 11 hours!!!  Wheeeeeee!  Pfeh.

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