February 28, 2013

I'm A Wimp

As you know, I spent last week in Chicago in a manager training meeting.  Forty of us, trapped in a room all day for five days... and two of the other managers were sick.  It's as much an occupational hazard for us as papercuts, ulcers and murder charges, but it's been a few years since I had a long-term ick.  Oh, I had that stomach flu / food poisoning thing a couple of Januarys back, but that only lasted a couple of days (thankfully).  Other than that?  I've been pretty good.

I came home from the meetings on Saturday.  That night, I had a little tickle in the back of my throat, but I figured that was because of the square of chipotle chili dark chocolate I had just eaten.  Sunday, the tickle became something more than a tickle, and I'm sure you can see where this is going.  By Tuesday night, I felt pretty darn bad, coughing, sneezing, headache, sore throat... but I just felt awful.  I went to work on Wednesday morning, but I immediately knew it was a mistake.  I gave up at 10am, and headed right to the doctor's office.  I was expecting a diagnosis of something like the Black Death, or Ebola, or porphyric hemophilia or something like that... I mean, I felt so miserable, it had to be something terrible.

I've got a cold.

I'm a wimp.

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February 24, 2013

Live Action Anime Fight Scene Done Right

While we wait for me to complete the writeup for Vividred Operation Ep06 (PROTIP: business trips are not a good time to work on such things), I want to talk about a single scene from a movie that falls firmly into the "meh" category for me.  The movie in question came out in 2011, and was titled Sucker Punch.  On the whole, there's very little about the movie to like except for some of the visuals; much like the original Hellsing anime, it's great to look at but not so good to watch.  One scene, however, makes it clear that Director Zack Snyder has watched a lot of anime.

If anybody out there is thinking about doing a live-action fighting anime, Snyder has shown you how to do the fight scenes right.  Watch it in 720p; it's worth it.

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February 21, 2013

Too Old For This (Stuff)...

I'm amazed at how exhausting it is being lectured at for an entire day.  Wednesday night, I went to sleep at 1030pm for the first time in perhaps a decade, and then slept all the way to my alarm clock.  That NEVER happens.  Still, I'm learning some stuff and getting some great networking results, which is the important part of this event.  When the training comes to an end Friday afternoon, I'll mark it down as a success.

But I'll be doing it from my hotel room, as I'm not going home immediately afterwards.  See, as I sit here in my lovely hotel room, it has not quite yet begun snowing, but the weather channel is suggesting that it will any second.  Allegedly four-to-six inches of snow is tonight, with another inch tomorrow.  That's not great, but in Duckford it's doable.  However, I'm not in Duckford.  I'm in Chicago.  I hate Chicago traffic.  I hate Chicago traffic during Friday rush hour (which is when I was scheduled to leave).  And I'd REALLY hate Chicago traffic during Friday rush hour with snow on the ground.  So I'm staying here for another day, because it's not like I've had all that many days off in the past year anyway.  It's a mini-vacation!  I'm not the only one, either... about a quarter of the class has had their flights cancelled and stand a good chance of spending another day here too!

So I may just have some time tomorrow to seriously blog... maybe Ep06 of Vividred Operation?  We shall see... we shall see.

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February 18, 2013

The Best Laid Plans Of Ducks And Maps...

...gang aft agley.  The drive into the location of the hotel was uneventful for the most part, except for me having to take an unscheduled stop back at Pond Central for reasons not worth going into at this time.  As a result, this set me back a good hour... which also meant that I'd be reaching my destination an hour later than planned... which meant I'd be coming into Chicago at 5pm.  Rush Hour.  Those of you who are familiar with Chicago's tollways and expressways at Rush Hour are quietly moaning to yourselves and nodding in sympathy.  For those who are unfamilar, let me give you an idea of what it can be like:

Yeah, kinda like that.  And remember, today was a holiday of sorts, too, so traffic was lighter than normal.  Doesn't matter.  I hate driving in Chicago.  Of course, the rain didn't help matters much.  Oh, did I not mention the rain?  Coming down in sheets it was, blown sideways by the wind that left flags stiff and snapping.  At least it wasn't snow.  No, that's coming Thursday and Friday.

Despite all that, the drive in wasn't all that bad, but I do have one bit of advice.  If by some chance you happen to be driving from Duckford to this particular hotel that I'm staying at, and you decide to use googlemaps to get directions here, and in the middle of those directions you see "take exit 10A towards Illinois 83S", don't do it.  That particular road has nothing to do with the ACTUAL directions on how to get to the hotel, and indeed just sends you a few miles out of your way as you try and find a place to turn around and get back to I-290E/I-53S, which is what you were ON before the instructions told you to get off it for whatever fevered reason the map program came up with.

Still.  I'm here, the DuckMobile performed magnificently, and tomorrow begins the New Manager Training Class, which is somewhat ironic considering that I've been a store manager for a year now.  More adventures later.

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February 17, 2013


Okay, here's how this is gonna go down.  Starting tomorrow afternoon, I'll be at the home office for the next week, much like I was back in October.  Different batch of training, though.  Same hotel, which is nice because it's a great hotel with fantastic free cookies.  If things go well, I should have no problem doing the writeup for Vividred Operation Ep06.  I'll be taking Nayuki with me, of course, so I'll have intarwebz access.  That's important, because Williams is rolling out their new car this week, so I can wrap up F1 Pr0n for the year.  But don't be overly surprised if everything slides and nothing gets done; this is a business trip, after all, and work will be performed each day.

I've sunk $360 into the DuckMobile in preparation for the trip: two new tires, front end alignment, oil change and a full tank of gas.  At least I can steer the car now.  Winter in Duckford is always an ugly affair when it comes to the streets... last Monday, I hit a pothole that fell into the category of "teethrattler" and suddenly the DuckMobile didn't like to go in a straight line much.  You let go of the wheel, and suddenly you've changed lanes.  That's all fixed, though, and we're all set to go!  As to when I'll be coming home, that's kinda up in the air.  The training is over Friday afternoon, but there's a snowstorm coming towards the end of the week... and gee, staying in a nice hotel for an extra night is such a hardship.

Right, I need to pack.

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February 07, 2013

Really And Truly...

...I am still blogging.  I have no intention of hanging up the mantle of pixel-stained technopeasant anytime soon.  Things are still busy at work, though in a different way than hordes of customers.  I haven't been feeling the greatest this week.  Quite honestly, the thought of sitting down in front of a computer and typing after spending all day in front of a computer typing makes me feel all sorts of urpy these days.  It'll pass... don't give up hope.

After all, it's not like the Schoolgirl In Black is out for your head or anything.
I do have something in the works for Friday, a review of a manga I was surprised I liked as much as I did.  But that's tomorrow.  Today, all I have for you is... well, nothing.  And you scruffy little urchins will like it!  Thank you for your support.

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February 03, 2013

Deep Breath...

Okay.  Duck U's Spring semester textbook rush is over, more or less, so things will be slowing down there.  That means I won't be coming home from the Bookstore completely worn out and exhaustipated.  That means I should be able to actually blog on subjects that aren't fed to me on a platter (i.e., F1 Pr0n), subjects that require me to use my brain.

If we're lucky.

If "lucky" is the word for it.

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