April 24, 2009

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand NOWWW... the starting lineup... for YOUR..."

The year is 1997.

Simply the greatest sports introduction ever.  Many have tried to copy it, including the Bulls themselves, but nothing really comes close.  The reason for that is quite clear: one man, and it's not Michael Jordan.

The intro wouldn't be (and isn't) the same without Ray Clay, the PA announcer, the unsung hero of the Chicago Bulls dynasty of the '90s.  Just watching that clip sends shivers up my spine.

Don't get me wrong: today, the video package is better, the effects are better now (and Benny the Bull waving the flag at center court is cool as heck), but without that voice, it's just not even close.

No, I don't have a point, why do you ask?

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April 23, 2009


Today is the International Day of the Book.  It is also St George's Day in England, Spain and other countries.  Oleg Penkovsky was born today in 1919. In 1957, Kenji Kawai was born.  New Coke debuted on April 23rd, 1985.  The zoetrope was patented today in 1867.

And in some hospital in Chicago in 1968, I was hatched and unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. 

Merciful heavens... 41.  I'm stunned.

UPDATE: Birthday candles...

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April 13, 2009

Induction Into The Order of the Honorary Duck

FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE to The Pond, I hereby bestow upon Ken Talton of Brickmuppet Blog membership in The Order of the Honorary Duck, with all the rights and glory that brings unto him.

Ken becomes the fourth member of the Order of the Honorary Duck, joining Pixy Misa of Ambient Irony, Don of The Kawaii Menace, and Jeff Lawson of Winter Garden.

While Ken has in the past sent me various things he's picked up in Japan (a mini-Godzilla and some beautiful Clannad pencil-boards), nothing could have prepared me for the package that awaited me at the Duck U. Bookstore when I came in this morning.

While I was somewhat apprehensive about opening this rather large package, seeing how he has a history of sending exploding kiwi after me, I nevertheless bravely sundered the packing tape.  Inside the box?

Yes, he sent me a copy of Duck! Duck! Go!, the rubber duckie racing game, as well as a huge number of other duckies.  This is very close to the largest number of ducks to be added to my collection at one time, and may have pushed my flock over the 300-duck mark.

He's also amused me with various online chats, deluged me with completely inappropriate pictures, and helped me deal with whatever problem I've had.  He's also offered to be a tour guide in Japan when I go... because of which fact, I've decided that I WILL go.

In other words, he's been a friend, even though I've never actually met him.

For all of these reasons, Ken Talton richly deserves induction into The Order of the Honorary Duck.

Thanks, Ken!

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April 11, 2009

1/40th Scale Yamato... Made From Legos

This is quite... something.

Only slightly less useful than the real thing.
See more pictures of this 100,000-brick behemoth at Project Yamato.

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April 09, 2009

Dave Arneson Has Also Failed His Saving Throw

Dave Arneson, co-creator of D&D, passed away yesterday late Tuesday night.  He was at least as important to the seminal pen & paper RPG as Gary Gygax, though not quite as well recognized.  Essentially, he took a set of rules for large-scale battles and turned them into something appropriate for one-on-one fights... and that turned into D&D.

I wonder if he'll get the same sort of accolades that Gygax did last year...?

UPDATE: The Order of the Stick understands the importance.

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April 05, 2009

Opening Day Is Here!

Yes, I'm aware that the Braves and the Phillies played on Sunday night.  Don't care.  It's not an official season until the Reds play their traditional afternoon game in Cincinatti... that's the first game.

Fortunately, the Cubs will be on the road (Houston) to open the season.  Meanwhile, the White Sox have already postponed their opening day game at Comiskey due to snow.

Doesn't matter, though... baseball is back, and no amount of snow or cold can change that.

(yes, I'm aware that the Cubs duckie is creepy.  ALL Celebriducks are creepy)

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April 01, 2009

Wonderduck MUST have an Ultraduck!

Wiebetech, I salute you!

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