May 31, 2006

I'm 16 years old again.

I just can't put into words my reaction when I heard/saw this... for the first time in maybe 15 years.

The Brits in the crowd might just know this: WOT.

I'm near tears from joy.

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May 21, 2006

Silicon Dreams.

Right, for what it's worth, MomDuck ended up with THIS CowPuter.

Athlon 64 3700+, 1 GB RAM, 200GB HD... she's got a frickin' 64-bit processor!

I've got a 850MHz P-III, with 384 MB of RAM, a 30 GB HD and an 80 GB HD, both of which are close to being filled, a GeForce 5200 (my original video card, a GeForce 2, died last August, and the 5200 was $50), a DVD recorder (it takes 8 hours to change 2 hours of avi videos to DVD video... and 5 minutes to burn the disc)...

Yes, I've got SERIOUS computer envy.

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May 17, 2006

Pushing Silicon.

I hope I wasn't that obnoxiously cheerful when I was a salesduck at CowPuters (stores now deceased).

We wound up not getting anything, because I really didn't have time to research the systems we were looking at. Some very nice set of specs out there, for not a whole bunch of money, but I'm going to be the one that has to fix the thing... I want MomDuck to have a computer that she can't 'break', even accidentally.

I use computers probably 10x as much as she does, yet I've never had a virus or scumware. She's had two virii, a dialer (that called Croatia), and scumware out the yingyang, all in the last two years.

I know a new computer won't help much with that, but maybe if I make keep hitting her with the "that crepe is why you're shelling out $$$ for a new computer" message...

Still looking for advice on what to get!

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Shopping for Silicon!

Well, it finally happened. MomDuck's computer, a 500mhz P-III system (yes, you read that right... close to 9 years old, if I remember), finally got an ick that I couldn't de-ick.

It surely isn't worth spending money on it, so we're off to buy a new computer for her. Any suggestions? "Buy an Apple" is not an option, and we're looking around $1000, roughly.

So no quad-core, SLI-gpu'd systems, alas.

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May 08, 2006

Living The Gimmick

Rick Steiner can't seem to break the habit of calling himself 'Rick Steiner.' Seems he was running for School Board membership under the name 'Rick Steiner,' even though his real name is Robert Rechsteiner.

Problem is, in the county he's running in, you can't run under assumed names. Oops. I guess it doesn't count that he's been using Rick Steiner as his name for 20 years, he never had it legally changed.

*Kla-Ding-ding* "Ladies and Gentlemen... now entering the meeting room... Riiiiiiiiiiick (pause) STEIIIIIIIII-Nerrrrrrrrrr!"

"...and there's a STEEL chair to the back of a commiteeman's head..."

I'm just not going to think about what he'd do to PE class.

(original story HERE)

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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part...

I didn't get the manager's job of the Duck U. Bookstore.

More to follow, when I'm sufficently inebriated to comment on it.


Well, I'm not inebriated. But I didn't get the job. I'm still the Ass.Mgr., though, so that's something. I was thanked for my service over the past six months, was told I had done an 'amazing job, given the circumstances,' given a blindfold and a last cigarette, tied to the post, and...

I'm being flamboyant. The n00b has a year or so's worth of manager experience more than myself, and is more of an energetic 'go-getter' sort, according to the district manager. My managerial style is a tad more laid back, which goes over well with store-level people, but isn't ranked as highly with the higher-ups. Sure I can kick and take with the best of them when I have to, but I try not to have to.

So... we'll see what happens. The n00b comes on board May 15th, and we'll go from there. In many ways, I'm glad it's over... now I can get on with doing my job, instead of wondering what my job is going to be.

Now, where's that 'personal serving sized' bottle of sake...?

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May 01, 2006

Ugly Monday.

Ever had one of those days?

(159am Editor's Note: Five paragraphs deleted due to excessive whining.)

So I left... and walking out to my car, I stepped in a gopher hole and sprained BOTH my ankles. My right foot went in the hole and twisted, making the most amazing sounds, and my left foot came down in an odd position as I tried to recover. *snapcrunch* Voila! One gopherhole, two bum ankles!

A perfect topper to a lousy day.

Maybe Tuesday will be better.

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