August 10, 2005

Why Didn't Anybody TELL Me?

I graduated high school in 1986; my musical tastes stem from that time period... the song 1985 by Bowling For Soup strikes a chord with me, I'm afraid (on an anime tangent, there's a great AMV for the song by Suberunker Studeosh. You can find it here, but you have to be an member to d/l it... maybe High Lord Pixy Misa can do another Bandwidth Sucking AMV List...)

It seems that, particularly recently, a few of my favorite musicians are bubbling THIS FAR (holds wingtips reeeeal close together) under the surface.

First, it was Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music headlining the Berlin stage of Live 8... and the crowd diggin' it with a big ol' spoon (even if I thought it was a lackluster set).

Now it's my dream teamup of Todd Rundgren and Joe Jackson. Why didn't anybody TELL me they'd been touring together? And they were even on Conan O'Brien, too. Run, don't walk, to Joe's website for a few videos.

Joe Jackson is still my favorite musician, Todd Rundgren is in my top five, so something like this is close to an eargasm... and hearing them do my favorite 'Beatles-related' (i.e., by the Beatles, or one of the four's solo careers, including Wings and The Travelling Wilburys) songs caused me to geek like I hadn't done in an awful long time... long? Would you believe alllll the way back to 1994 or so, when I heard Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor cover "Dead Souls" on the soundtrack of The Crow?

Now if only Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson would do something together...

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