February 15, 2011

The Turtles Need YOU!

Yes, YOU!  I'm sure you never thought you'd be called to be a ninja, but your time has come.  It's time for you to join Star Turtle and become a robot-fightin', cathedral-eatin', whale-tossin', zombie-killin', kaiju-smackin'-downin', burger-eatin' foo'!

"But it's not for me," I hear you saying.  "I don't even like ninjas."  I'm here to tell ya, brudda, I was once like you.  I hated ninjas!  They're usually tough and stringy, and not even all the barbeque sauce in Duckford would make 'em any different.  But now here I am, 10 seasons in, a respected member of Star Turtle Realm, feared by some and respected by many. 

AND YOU CAN BE, TOO!  Just click on the banner, brudda, and get playin' with us in Star Turtle!  We'll help you with ninja puppets, bear coats, potions, dartboards and even invisible sandwiches!  And soon, you'll be just like me... a duck with a dream*.  A dream, and an insatiable desire to see your face carved onto the side of a mountain somewhere.  It costs nothing, and if you don't like it, you've lost nothing at all... what have you got to lose?  Give it a try, won't you?  For the Turtles?

*Except probably not the duck part.

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