February 28, 2009

Paul Harvey Now Knows The Rest Of The Story.

The Radio world, and America in general, has lost an icon.

Chicago-based radio legend Paul Harvey, often called "the most listened-to man in the history of radio", passed away today at the age of 90.  His "News & Comment" and "Rest Of The Story" programs helped millions of people get to work (or in my case, drive home from work) every day.

He had a unique presentation style, to say the least.  His staccato delivery style, mixed with huge pauses ("I'm Paul Harvey...{pause pause dead air pause pause}... Good Day!!!") when combined with a mellow baritone was instantly recognizable.  From a radio standpoint, dead air is the #1 no-no, but he realized that it could also be a great tool and made it work.

His news show were aimed to appeal to the common person.  They weren't intellectual, they weren't partisan (though he was considered "conservative", it wasn't unusual for him to state his displeasure with conservative issues and viewpoints), they were folksy and... warm.  And he was, without a doubt, the greatest pitchman in history.  He didn't take on a customer he didn't feel comfortable with, and advertisers lined up for years to get a spot on his show.  If he took on a product, they were made.

He'll be missed.

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