May 08, 2006

Living The Gimmick

Rick Steiner can't seem to break the habit of calling himself 'Rick Steiner.' Seems he was running for School Board membership under the name 'Rick Steiner,' even though his real name is Robert Rechsteiner.

Problem is, in the county he's running in, you can't run under assumed names. Oops. I guess it doesn't count that he's been using Rick Steiner as his name for 20 years, he never had it legally changed.

*Kla-Ding-ding* "Ladies and Gentlemen... now entering the meeting room... Riiiiiiiiiiick (pause) STEIIIIIIIII-Nerrrrrrrrrr!"

"...and there's a STEEL chair to the back of a commiteeman's head..."

I'm just not going to think about what he'd do to PE class.

(original story HERE)

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