September 04, 2006

"He's NOT dead! He's merely pining for the fjords!"

Actually, I'm on a mini-vacation. It's Labor Day Weekend here in the States, where we get to celebrate the working stiff by... taking the day off.

Works for me.

So I've been doing a hefty amount of nuthin' the past few days. The Librarian came over on Friday night, and we (finally!) finished Firefly. My opinion of the show remains unchanged (i.e. 'If you haven't seen it, why are you still reading this? Go watch it now!'), though I think the episode 'Heart of Gold', which is on DVD4, is a clunker.

One not-so-good episode out of 13. I'll take that, thank you very much, and that one 'ehhh' episode has THIS exchange in it:

Cap'n: ...this is strictly volunteer.
Jayne: Not interested. Don't know 'em, don't wanna know 'em.
Cap'n: They're whores.
Jayne: (quickly) I'm in.

It's much funnier on the show.

News has just come across my desk here at The Pond: Steve "Crocodile Annoyer" Irwin is dead. Stabbed in the chest by a stingray during filming of a tv special ironically entitled "World's Deadliest."

I only rarely saw the show, and that only when I was at my folks' place, for my mother liked it. My usual reactions were 'Steve, prozac is a miracle drug for many people' and 'Go crocs.' In other words, the end of his TV show is no loss for me. I hear tell, however, that he was something of a national hero to our 'Strine friends (of which there is at least one reader of The Pond). He also leaves behind a wife and a baby (remember? He dangled it in front of a croc a couple o' years back).


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1 Yeah, the news was greeted with shock (if not surprise) and dismay by pretty much all Aussies. He was a good bloke, and will be missed.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at September 04, 2006 08:04 PM (FRalS)

2 Just to clarify: I'm sorry he was killed. I may not have cared a whit about his show, and I suspect it shouldn't have been worth his life, but I surely didn't wish ill upon him.

Posted by: Wonderduck at September 08, 2006 08:57 AM (jnjCa)

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