December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

...then the space ninjas come.

Quite the year 2006 was, neh? In F1, we saw the retirement of Slappy Schumacher, the birth of SuperAguri, Massa and Button winning their first races, half the field swapping teams (and the other half wanting to), the change of Midlands to Spyker, Alonso winning his 2nd Drivers Championship, and the death and rebirth of Minardi. Also, Vaucaunson's Duck dropped in from San Francisco and watched the USGP live from The Pond this year, which was remarkably cool of him.

In anime, KyoAni ruled the world with The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kanon 2006, and Aria, all of which are top-shelf shows (Update: Aria wasn't done by KyoAni. The continuity staff here at The Pond has been sacked). Surprises included Ouran High School Host Club (which I still can't believe I liked so much) and Strawberry Panic (which affected me like a car crash... I just couldn't look away).

Then, there was... Dokuro-chan. The nightmares persist to this day.

I also discovered the joy that was World of Narue and some obscure show* called CardCaptor Sakura... great stuff, both of 'em.

But no discussion of 2006 would be complete without mentioning the acquisition of Chiyo-chan, replacing my 7-year-old computer. Or Oblivion eating up most of my free time.

I'm also thankful for the Panda Express that opened up a month ago.

But mostly, I'm happy that I appear to have entertained my readers for another year. Thanks to Pixy for providing The Pond a home on the 'net.

I'm going to do a Time Magazine-style cop-out here and thank YOU, the readers, for stopping by and actually giving me a reason to write. You all deserve some cookies.

*note: may not actually be obscure at all.

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1 Actually, Aria was animated by Hal Film Maker, which also did Dokuro-chan.


News of the impending license expiration as well as Robert's even-better-than-Right-Stuf's deal forced my hand on CCS. Enjoyed the first four episodes and am looking forward to the rest when I can find time to watch them. Grabbed Oblivion shortly after it came out and still haven't gotten beyond the first Oblivion Gate; not so much a reflection of the game's quality as of the fact that I'm such a bad gamer and haven't touched it in months.

Happy New Year to you!

Posted by: Andrew F. at January 01, 2007 08:26 AM (SARav)

2 No wonder I feel so comfortable here... I also ran out and bought CCS after Steven's licensing warning (I'm 4 DVD's in and loving it!), I'm trying not to waste ALL of my waking hours on "Oblivion" and just Wonderduck's short paragraph on F-1 makes me giddy with anticipation for the 2007 racing season to get underway.

I'm hopeless!

Happy New Year all!

Posted by: madmike at January 03, 2007 02:53 AM (NSoyO)

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