February 10, 2014

Ever Wanted To Play Fantasy Baseball?

One would think this a rhetorical question: of course you've wanted to play fantasy baseball!  Something has been holding you back, however.  Perhaps it's been a lack of time... or not enough like-minded people in your life... or intimidated by the thought of getting into a league with a bunch of cutthroat bloodthirsty experts.  O r maybe, just maybe, you've wanted to be in the same league with everybody's favorite hyperintelligent duck with the ability to type and rate ballplayers!

Well then, bunkie, today's your lucky day!  About a week or so ago, longtime reader Ben from Midnight Tease and Texas Baseball Town sent me an e-mail asking me some questions about fantasy baseball.  As it turns out, he was looking to get a league going, but knew nothing of what the game was, and since he knew I had played for a while, who better to ask?  Who better indeed?  The timing couldn't be beat, since I had dropped out of the fantasy league I'd been in for 25 years the day before... I hadn't had much fun the previous three years, because of the cutthroat, bloodthirsty style of play that had taken over the league.

So after talking for a while, I eventually said something along the lines of "If you set up a league, I want in."  Playing with a bunch of fresh faces who haven't played before sounds like fun to me!  Ben's response was, for all intents and purposes, "Duh."  He was more polite about it, though.

So we've got four people right now, but we need more.  That's where YOU come in. 

It's set up to be as completely different from what I'm used to as possible!  The league'll be a snake draft, not an auction.  It'll be AL, not NL.  Standard 5 x 5 Roto rules.  Oh, and I'll be picking last in the first round.  So what have you got to lose?  It's free, and though Ben doesn't know this yet, if anybody finishes ahead of RotoDuck, they're going to win something from The Pond's prize closet!  We're looking for rookies or people who haven't played much... is that you?  C'mon down!  Got questions?  Ask here or at Ben's places!  Wanna sign up?  Drop a note in my comments or his!  Pitchers and Catchers report this week... baseball is in the air!  Here's your chance to have some fun!

It's Ben's league... we're all just playing in it!

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1 I use masking tape and cardboard for my sign, Wonderduck uses neon.  Some people have it...

Seriously, as humbling as this wonderful invitation is, I would like to point out a couple of things:  The league was technically my idea, but as I know, even now, almost nothing about fantasy baseball, Wonderduck is *at least* (and really more-so) equally responsible for ownership and management and will be co-commissioner of the league.  Also, two and maybe more of the people playing are recent *converts* to baseball fandom, so there will be a lot of learning about baseball in general as well as learning about fantasy baseball.

I hope that will be an incentive to get more people interested, but I also understand that's not the experience some people are looking for.  Just to poke everyone a bit more, even though the comment isn't showing up, we have had a response already!  So, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't be shy, and don't let non-familiarity with baseball or FB hold you back if you're interested in playing!

Posted by: Ben at February 11, 2014 09:08 AM (Oftf2)

2 I'd be interested.  I've played before, but the league I was in died a while back due to declining interest.  And it was full MLB, head to head, so this'll be somewhat different.

Posted by: ReallyBored at February 13, 2014 04:48 PM (n3V1X)

3 Oooh, can I join in?

Posted by: Shawn, but not lowercased shawn at February 18, 2014 06:08 PM (zD0Xs)

4 Shawn, head over to one of Ben's places and talk to him!  I'd shoot you an e-mail, but for various reasons I can't actually see your address at the moment.

Posted by: Wonderduck at February 18, 2014 07:51 PM (9ckGE)

5 Shawn,
Not sure when you may have checked, but my MidniteTease.com website has been down.  We would love to have you; we're still waiting on a couple of people to get signed up already, in fact.  Send me an email at midnitetease at hotmail dot com.  (Pretty sure my name will link to it, as well.)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Posted by: Ben at February 18, 2014 09:23 PM (Oftf2)

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