February 20, 2007

D@mn you, Sid Meier!

He's done it to me AGAIN. I've got "One-More-Turn Disease" again!

Civ IV is the culprit, but I can't entirely blame Sid this time around. No, he's got an accomplice now, a modder that goes by the name of "Sevo". Sevo took Civ IV, a good but not great game, and tweaked EVERYTHING.

The result is Sevomod. New units (including ethnically diverse settlers, workers, and scouts... no longer do the Zulu look like they're from Sweden!), new leaders and civs, new buildings, new techs (that make sense!), new wonders (and movies), new resources (salt? Who'd ever think THAT was important?***), and, even more impressive, new music and quotations for everything! It's an 170mb download, though... thank heavens Duck U. doesn't block 'direct downloads.'

To say this game has become engrossing is to put it mildly. Tonight is anime night, and I'll have to pull myself away for the evening... I hope I can manage it.

*** SALT is quite the fun read, but not as good as Kurlansky's earlier book, COD. There's something amusing about bringing a book named after a fish to the register and seeing the look on the clerk's face...

In case you can't tell, I recommend both books, but if you can only read one, get Cod.

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