March 26, 2007

Yep, these are my friends...

Wonderduck: Wazzup?
Brickmuppet: Nothing...I'm deliberately wasting your time
Brickmuppet: It's already to late....the Kiwis have infiltrated your headquarters and are saving the earth fom your tyrannty as we speak.....too bad we'll have to blow up MT rusmore though.
Wonderduck: Eh, I don't believe it exists anyway.

(read on, MacDuff!) Brickmuppet: You're right under it how could you not know?
Wonderduck: I'm UNDER Mt. Rushmore? Indeed?
Brickmuppet: Yyyyur not?
Wonderduck: Just where do you think The Pond is, my friend?
Brickmuppet: The Pond...I'm not blowing up the pond...I'm blowing up your secret headquarters...
Wonderduck: Oh. Well, by all means, pound the crepe out of Mt. Rushmore then.
Brickmuppet: Oh
Brickmuppet: Dear
Brickmuppet: The poor Kiwis...
Brickmuppet: those dreadful suicide belts...
Brickmuppet: shuch short lives...
Wonderduck: Yup. The secret headquarters isn't near Mt. R.
Brickmuppet: all fo naught.
Wonderduck: Now, when you say 'Kiwi', do you mean the fruit, the bird, or the Nationality?
Brickmuppet: Fruit is untrainable
Wonderduck: So not the fruits.
Brickmuppet: Dead New Zealanders ....cause questions to be asked
Wonderduck: Are you sure about that?
Brickmuppet: Thus the vampire birds
Brickmuppet: Pretty sure
Wonderduck: So the birds with the long noses, armed with suicide belts, are converging on Mt Rushmore as we speak.
Brickmuppet: Actually....its over
Brickmuppet: Nothing on the news...
Brickmuppet: I guess their tiny belts limited explosive capacity was an issue...
Wonderduck: I'd say so... what, the same as three or four bullets worth of gunpowder?
Brickmuppet: well has a lot more bang...but still...
Wonderduck: "I do not believe you have thought your cunning plan all the way through."
Brickmuppet: dang
Brickmuppet: I figgured they'h hit your vital point for massive damage
Wonderduck: I'd assume you had, what, a couple thousand kiwi?
Brickmuppet: 34 actually
Brickmuppet: they're endangered you know
Wonderduck: 34.
Wonderduck: (3x10)+4?
Wonderduck: You were planning on making maybe a couple handfuls of gravel?
Brickmuppet: Originally 37...2 were killed in a training accident and one was....there was a cat...
Brickmuppet: "MASSIVE DAMAGE...VITAL SPOT!!!!"
Wonderduck: Um... yeah, I got that. You DO realize that the vital spot would be UNDERGROUND, behind very large walls and doors, right?
Brickmuppet: Thats why i used kiwis rather than ostriches....they can....(could) fit through vents and access ways.
Wonderduck: Um... and you had these mapped out ahead of time, did you?
Brickmuppet: The vents were easy enough to had cleverly spread the lie that these were associated with a gift shop....oh wait...
Wonderduck: Uh-huh... so, your suicide birds were targeting an innocent gift shop.
Brickmuppet: I feel ill
Wonderduck: Now, I admit, gift shop pricing usually is enough to drive me to violence, but don't you think that's a LITTLE extreme?
Brickmuppet: Giftshops dont have a vunerable point to hit for massive this likely involved the equivalent damage of a couple of dozen M-80's being tossed about.
Wonderduck: *ting-a-ling*
"Hello, welcome to the Mt. Rushmore Gift Shop! My, what a cute little bird... and such a nice belt, too!"
"That's so cute! Buffy, did you hear the little bird?"

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1 Secret headquarters under Mt. Rushmore... wasn't that in the '80s rendition of Buck Rodgers?

Or maybe I've gone completely mad.

Posted by: GreyDuck at March 26, 2007 05:18 PM (CdXfx)

2 You'd have to ask the Muppet on that one, I'm afraid... I had no idea what he was talking about. Besides, I don't believe Mt Rushmore actually exists.

I've flown over it twice. Both times, the pilot said "If you look out the the windows on the left side of the plane, you'll see Mt Rushmore. Or, you would if it wasn't for the fires." And, indeed, all you could see was smoke.

So I don't believe it actually exists. It's a good story, but c'mon... carving faces into a mountain?

Posted by: Wonderduck at March 26, 2007 05:26 PM (CZc15)

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