March 14, 2008

All's Well: Toof Update.

First off, forgive any typographicasl errors that my be contained herein, but the vicodin is kcikin' my arse and I'm for bed as soon as this post is done.

The toof extraction went smoothly, took the usual amount of time, and has been accompanied by a remarkable small amount of pain.  There's been some, of course, but the vicodin has ruthlessly stomped that into submission for me.  It's making my fingers move not entirely as I will them, however, as well as making me extremely groggy.  "DOn't operate power tools or heavy machinery" indeed.

I DID get to watch Aussie Quals, but I'll be rewatching it Saturday afternoon so I can actually comprehend what I was seeing (the vicodin was really overstepping it's boundaries).  Again, I'm not sure if there'llbe a post on the quals session, or if it'll blend into the F1 UPDATE!.

Short version: Hamilton (McLaren) and Kubica (BMW) are the front row, Heikki (McLaren) is 3rd, Massa (Ferrari) is 4th.  Raikkonen is SIXTEENTH after a mechanical failure on the circuit prevented him from makign the pitlane.  He had made it to Q2, but because he couldn't coax his car back into the pit area after the failure, he wasn't allowed to continue (the failure having occurred on track by the definition of tte term.  If he had managed to roll about 15 more feet, no problems other than the breakdown).  Sebastian Vettel has given Toro Rosso their first Dry-weather Q3 ever.  SeaBass didn't make it to Q2, which wasn't a suprise to me... first race, after all.

SuperAguri was 20 and 22, which is poor, but considering that they weren't even sure they'd be racing at all until about Tuesday, it's not bad at all.

Okay, The Duck is going to bed.  Thaks, everybody!

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