August 13, 2006


Monday begins a run of 12 straight days at work, culminating in the beginning of the Fall semester at Duck U.

For all intense porpises (say it out loud), this is the Duck U. Bookstore's Christmas season. The textbook biz isn't like regular retail, really. Our "Christmas Season" is about three weeks long and is seperated into two distinct pieces by a period of about 5 months. Then we go into minor hibernation.

In those three weeks, though, the Duck U. Bookstore will do roughly 75-80% of our yearly sales. That's not too extreme in this biz; I know of one store that does 95% of their $1.5 million in sales in three days (caveat: they're a high school. The place is still a madhouse in those three days, though). The rest of the year's sales is clothing and supplies, essentially.

So, knowing all that, I'm still going to try and blog every day. Don't be surprised if I fail miserably, though.

I also have the entire CardCaptor Sakura series to watch sometime... 18 DVDs (thanks for the heads-up a week or so ago, Steven), 70-some-odd episodes, for less than $80? For what's considered one of the best anime series of all time? Sign me up for that!

It appears that TRSI found some type of deal at The first 15 DVDs were shrinkwrapped together with an Amazon barcode on it, then the last three DVDs were shrinkwrapped to THAT. As long as they all work, and as long as it isn't that nightmarish English version, Cardcaptors, I don't care where it came from, at that price!

Right, I'm off to go plunder a cave near Skingrad now (i.e., still playing Oblivion)!

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