December 10, 2008

Ikkitousen Great Guardians OVA 3

Our continuing quest to discover if the Ikkitousen Great Guardians series of OVAs can out-perv the Dragon Destiny OVAs, our friends at Studio ARMS have brought us the newest in the "sexy cosplay" contests...

...Packers zero.
And who is our lucky contestant this time around?

I could hear Steven's nose start bleeding  from here.
None other than Kan-u Unchou herself!  This has possibilities...


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December 03, 2008

It's Meme Day 'Round These Parts, It Seems...

Well, Don's doing it, and Steven's doing it, and I've got nothing better to blog about today, so here goes:

• What anime are you watching now? 
Multiple that are airing in Japan.  If you mean, "what anime that's been released in the US am I watching," then I'd have to say Please Twins.  I picked up the thinpack boxset a month ago, and only now have I gotten around to watching it.  Oh, and it's not a 'secret shame' anymore; it really is pretty good.

• What is your favourite time to watch?
Night-time, generally around about 10pm-ish, more or less.

• And your favourite place?
In front of my computer for fansubs, on the couch for DVDs, though the wing chair is common, too.

• Who is your favourite auteur?
None.  I don't do auteurs, I do shows.

• Your favourite OST?
Probably Kanon, though the soundtracks for Bubblegum Crisis 2040 and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex would be right up there.

• What is the most difficult anime you’ve ever watched?
Eiken.  Oh, different "difficult," sorry.  The two Ghost In The Shell movies.  Thought-provoking stuff, and not particularly accessable.  Or you could just watch them for the pretty pictures, your call.

• What was the first anime you remember watching?
Ranma 1/2, followed by the OVA for Oh My Goddess.  1996 or so.  Get off my lawn.

• Do you have a comfort show that you re-watch?
ARIA comes the closest.  I've watched ep09 of ARIA the Origination more times than I can count.

• What is the most erotic anime you’ve watched?
Nothing, really.  I don't watch hentai, so that takes out a lot of it. 

• Which classic should you have watched?
I've been told that Haibane Renmei is fairly good.

• Which series did you never want to end?
ARIA.  They could make another 200 episodes about the gondola girls of Aqua and I'd watch 'em all.  I wanted a few more episodes of Azumanga Daioh, too, but mostly because I wanted to see what happened to the characters when they went into their first year of college, not because I wanted the show to go on forever.

• What is your most overrated anime?
Today, tomorrow and forever: Naruto.  Why that piece of drek is so popular is entirely beyond me. 

• Which character could you have an affair with?
Like Steven says, "you're joking, right?"  Right?

• Who is your favourite character?
Alice Carroll, from ARIA.  Followed closely by Mai Kawasumi from Kanon.

• Which character do you most dislike?
Saji Genpou from the Ikkitousen series of shows. 

• Which character do you identify with most?
I don't know that I identify with a character in any anime.  That's probably a good thing, all things considered.

• Which anime changed your life?
Ranma 1/2.  Not because it is anything particularly special, per se,  but it was the show that introduced me to this medium that I enjoy so much.

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