January 30, 2007

Anime Night Is BACK!

A half-night, actually. We only got two episodes of CardCaptor Sakura in, due to the weather. It's very, very cold here at The Pond, and at the brother of The Librarian's signifigant other's house, the pipes froze solid, and he has to spend the night at their place. So, she left early (this was something of a surprise to her).

ANYway, we caught two episodes, ep36 ("Sakura and the Snowy New School Term") and ep37 ("Sakura and Tomoyo's Lost Voice"). Both were... interesting. First, there's a new OP and ED, both of which, frankly, stink on ice.

The first episode has Sakura's town under assault by The Snow card, like six or seven feet of snow. Why? Um... no real reason we could tell. BUT The Snow card managed to make Sakura lose a watch that Yukito just gave her ("So you're in 5th grade now..."), which pissed Sakura OFF. Which brought out the greatest quote of the show: "Girls are kinda scary when they're mad."

In the second one, another Clow Card, The Voice, takes a liking to Tomoyo's singing, and steals her voice completely. Meanwhile, Sakura blames herself, and Li Showron is starting to show his... um... feelings towards Sakura. Eventually all is well.

Good stuff, with just enough humor to take some of the angsty edge off the way the show has been heading recently. Plus we discover that you could stack books on Tomoyo's nose.
You could stab someone with that thing!
Good times, good times.

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January 22, 2007

Strike Witches

Others have already posted on this brief OVA, so I won't get too heavy into it, but I will say two things:

1) This is the greatest eight minutes, 54 seconds of anime EVER.

2) I was surprised to see Narue in the show:
So THAT'S what happened after 'World of Narue' came to an end, eh?

The animation is great, the girls are cute, the setup is completely preposterous, Stonehenge is the airfield, how much more perfect could it be? Please, if there is a kami-sama, let there be more Strike Witches.
If this is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

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January 10, 2007

The Order Of The Honorary Duck

FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE to The Pond, I hereby bestow upon Don McClane of Beware The Kawaii membership into The Order Of The Honorary Duck , with all the rights and glory that brings unto him.

The Offical Seal of the Order.  All hail!

Don becomes the second member of the Order Of The Honorary Duck, joining only Pixy Misa himself. Recently, the webmaster of Beware The Kawaii became aware of my lack of broadband, and offered to help out by sending along some fansubs on DVD... with NOTHING ASKED IN RETURN! And, lo, he has done so, and I now have some 21 episodes of Simoun to plow through!

Thank you very much, Don! And, as I've offered before, if there's anything I can do in return, just let me know! Until then, this linky and your award will have to do. Everybody go visit!

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January 08, 2007


I've got a bad feeling about this...

Dear Dad... more...

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January 07, 2007

It Ain't ALL Japanese Animation, Folks...

Your Title Screen For The Day.

This isn't going to be a comprehensive review of Cars, but more of a "I've enjoyed this film, and here's why you probably will, too" sort of thing.

WARNING: This is going to be awfully graphics intensive, so I'm going to hide them 'beneath the fold,' as they say in the newspaper business... clicky-clicky! more...

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January 03, 2007

Anime Night, CardCaptor Sakura, and me.

With the holiday hell behind us, The Librarian and I got together to continue Anime Night, and jumped right back into Cardcaptor Sakura. After a false alarm with my pulse (nothing happened, but I freaked a little bit... which is why this report didn't go up on Tuesday night; I spent the night at my folks' place... thanks, Momduck!), we hit the DVDs hard... and are now, officially through the first broadcast season! Woohoooo!!!

...which means we only have 11 more episodes to go before the first story arc concludes. WOW, this is a long series.

I don't know how The Librarian felt about the four episodes (32 thru 35) that we watched, but I for one was kinda disappointed. The last of the bunch, Sakura's Wonderful Christmas was the highlight, but the other three were just... meh. Lots of funny, but the spark seemed to be gone. Hey, it took them 32 episodes to really go flat... most series would KILL to go that long without a clinker.

So, anywho, still enjoying the series... though the MST3K-style riffing didn't happen much last night.

Here's hoping all is better next DVD!

And how are YOU?

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