August 31, 2006

Good Anime To Avoid

Ex-lurker Madmike wanted to know what anime series would be good for a beginner. Fair question, and the rampaging hordes did a fine job of answering it.

This post, however, is NOT about what would shows be good for a neophyte otaku.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm the staff advisor for the Duck U. Anime Club. Between the club prez and m'self, we have to decide what series the club will watch that week/month/semester... and most of our club members are in the same boat as Madmike: interested, but inexperienced in the ways of anime.

So, instead of what would be GOOD for him (and the club) to watch, this post will cover some series that'd be smart to avoid like the plague for a while! After the jump, the (incomplete) list: more...

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August 29, 2006

Anime Club Returns!

Well, almost.

As you might remember, the new school year has begun at Duck U. That's part of the reason for sparse posting as of late: it's christmas at the Bookstore. We do nigh on 75% of our year's business over a month's time (roughly); the first two weeks of each semester, which is where we are firmly located at the moment.

But the return of the ducklings to the U. also means that the Duck U. Anime Club is beginning to creak back to life. Being the Staff Advisor has some perks to it, namely I don't have to do too much work other than designing the weekly poster (which I enjoy to no end) and being the final arbiter of what will or won't be watched in a semester ('are you kidding?' to Eiken, 'no' to Elfen Lied, 'yes, if we can get the rights' to Hellsing, 'yes' to Noir, as examples from last year).

The hardest part is, without a doubt, getting the viewing rights. Other people have complaints about ADV, mostly stemming from their 'sitting on the release rights' to various anime series. As a club, however, we consider them the model for what an anime distributor should be.

We've NEVER had a problem with them when it comes to viewing rights. Heck, they've been flat-out eager to let us watch their shows! They know that the club is an advertisement for whatever series we want to watch; if we're not given viewing rights, we can't watch, and are therefore much less likely to buy.

As a club, we've mostly given up on Bandai or Geneon released shows, simply because they've never, EVER, returned our calls or e-mails. EVER.

People say that ADV actively antagonizes their fanbase. I can honestly say that I've never seen it.

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August 18, 2006


Look, I'm willing to watch just about any piece of anime thats out there. Heck, I even liked Ikkitousen.

But THIS... this... THING... is just too horrible to contemplate.

And that's just the OP!

Some of the lyrics from the OP:

Club-To-Death Angel, spraying blood everywhere, Dokuro-chan! / Club-to-Death Angel, she makes you bleed from the heart, Dokuro-chan! / I'll step on you, tie you up, beat you up... ...but that's just how I express my love!"


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