September 07, 2005

Anime Club! Woo-HOOOOO!

So, last year, yours truly found himself without anybody to watch anime with. Not enjoying this in the least, I got the bright idea to see if there was interest in an anime club on the campus of Duck U., my alma mater and my current place of employ. After a good turnout on the first meeting, it dropped down to an average of three people... not including myself, the staff advisor.

It stayed that way for the rest of the year, and then the summer came. Nothing then, obviously, as Duck U.'s attendance drops to about 10 people during the summer.

With some anticipation and, I'll admit, some trepidation, we scheduled the first meeting of the new school year for tonight... I burned a DVD of anime music videos (AMVs for short), and crossed my wingtips.

7pm comes around, and... SIX PEOPLE, and two who were detained (one was working a shift she's never worked, filling in for someone else, the other was apparantly sick enough to miss all his classes today)... so EIGHT, on a campus of 500.

I'm floating on air, and I'm not even flappin' my wings! This might just work out, particularly because three of the people are first-year students who'll be around for a while! A stable base to work with!

So The Wonderduck now has a new flock of people to watch anime with, and we're a legit club now.

*snif* I'm so proud.

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