October 11, 2009

When Anime & Formula 1 Collide... Part 3

Well, more like "Light Novel that became source material for an anime & Formula 1 collide," but that's too long to put in the post title.


"It seems other people aren't allowed to follow Suzumiya's train of thought.  She's an amazing person."

Follow her train of thought?  More like she's already lapped the rest of humanity multiple times.  A whole three laps even.  And you can feel the pressure as she creeps up from behind.  It's so intense that at first glance, a person in the stands might be confused and assume you were on the same lap.  That's something only people racing on the circuit would know, and Haruhi isn't going to ease on the pedal, be it an S-Curve, a Degner Curve, or a crisscrossing one.  And on top of all that, she's the only one with a Bussard ramjet engine, which allows her to keep going forever...

-The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya by Nagaru Tanigawa, trade paperback version, pg 125.

For reference:

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October 06, 2009

Why I Shop At RACS

There are plenty of reasons why any self-respecting anime fan should shop at Robert's: huge selection, a sense of humor, low shipping costs, speedy service, and a huge commitment to customer service are just some of them.

Here's another one.

A few days ago, I was at work when the folks from the mail desk came by and dropped a load of stuff in front of me.  Most of it was crap ("Junk, junk, invoice, junk, credit memo yay, invoice, invoice, junk..."), but there at the bottom was a small-ish box with the distinctive RACS shipping label on it.

"Huh?" said I, for I haven't placed an order there in a couple of months.  Using my handy-dandy boxcutter (we get a LOT of boxes at the Duck U. Bookstore, after all), I sliced it open and found... an envelope?

And underneath the envelope?

Robert had e-mailed me out of the blue back around that terrible day, extending his condolences and sharing some personal experiences that helped, but this was entirely unexpected.

I'm a customer for life.

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