March 12, 2008


Astro claims to have 'defined' Kyoto Animation over at his place.

Uh, okay, Astro, whatever you say...

...but I think there's some people who just might disagree with you...

...yep, all that's missing is the snow, all right...

...maybe, just maybe, his assessment is a leeeeeetle bit off, neh?

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March 09, 2008

ARIA, Undines and Promotions.

The world of ARIA is a lush and expansive one, with three series worth of anime (ARIA the Animation, 13 episodes; ARIA the Natural, 26 episodes and one OVA, "Arietta", and ARIA the Origination, currently on ep8 of 13), and two separate manga (Aqua and Aria) to draw details from (please note that this post draws only from the anime)

The setting for ARIA is the city of Neo-Venezia, nearly a brick-for-brick copy of the Italian city of Venice (which has been abandoned, finally slipping under the water of the Adriatic sea; whether this is because of eco-disaster or natural subsidence of the city is unknown), located on what was called Mars, now Aqua after extensive terraforming.  Like the original, Neo-Venezia is waterbound, with canals replacing streets.  As one would expect, the gondolieri of Venice made the trek to Aqua as well.  The profession underwent a sea change (pardon the pun) in Neo-Venezia, however. 

Now called Undines, the gondolieri of Neo-Venezia are exclusively female.  A mix of tour guide and limo driver, Undines might almost be considered the 'rock stars' of Neo-Venezia, with magazines devoted to them, and the best being known city-wide and beyond, with their fame seemingly reaching to 'Manhome', as Earth is now called. 

The Undines are well-organized, with their own guild of sorts, the Gondolier's Association.  The 'gondolier concession', if you will, is run by three companies: Orange Planet (the largest, whose uniforms are lined with yellow), Himeya (the oldest, red), and Aria Company (the company followed in the show, blue). 

There may be at least two other companies in Neo-Venezia as well (whose uniform colors are green and purple, respectively), but other than a brief moment in one episode, they exist 'off-stage', if you will.

Given all this, there are a few things that have bothered me (slightly) about the world of the Undines:

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March 01, 2008

One Last "...Angel" Post.

I almost wish I hadn't checked this.

The VCAs have a new feature this year, showing where each nominee ranked in the voting in each category.

"...Angel" was the best of the non-finalists in the "Best First Video" category.

UPDATE:  No it wasn't, at least not because of this list.  It's in alphabetical order by video name; of course, I was looking at the name of the creator instead.  Thanks to Andrew F. for pointing that out.  Guess I just wanted it to be true so much that I just didn't research it enough. 

SO close, OH so close... congrats to OneLastKiss123, though.  Really good video, there.

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