January 08, 2012

Carnival Phantasm Ep09: Oh, SO Disappointing!

Type-Moon's 10th Anniversary OVA Carnival Phantasm has been consistently hilarious throughout its run, even when you aren't all that familiar with the characters being parodied.  For example, I've never seen Tsukihime, but I've been laughing harder at those skits than the Fate/Stay Night-based ones... and F/SN is one of my favorite shows.

However, I had heard a rumor that the 9th episode of Carnival Phantasm was going to be something I would find truly special... a Grand Prix race using the F/SN characters.  Eh?  Really?  So it was with a sense of  excitement that I started the episode... and imagine my surprise when the rumors appeared to be true!



My heavens, could it be true?  I mean, sure, there was going to be silly things going on, but it really looked like we'd be getting a Formula 1 Grand Prix-style race for our enjoyment!  We haven't seen one of those since Yakitate Japan Ep44!  I was actually excited. 

Oh.  Never mind.  Wacky Races... or maybe Scramble Wars.  Darn it (*kicks imaginary pebble, sulks*).

I mean, Carnival Phantasm was probably the best chance I had to retire from blogging!  As I said somewhere, if there's ever an anime with F1 and rubber duckies involved, I'd shut The Pond down with no regrets.  And CP just blew it.  Oh well... better luck next time.

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