April 30, 2008

Ikkitousen: Great Guardians!

This might be one of the greatest moments EVER here at The Pond...


The third of the Ikkitousen series is scheduled to hit the airwaves this summer, but a preview clip on DVD was recently released in Japan.  Thenceforth, it made its way to way to the 'net, and from there, to my computer.

And now, to you!

MY Mou-chan?  Clumsy?  Oh, h*ll no!

From the looks of it, it'll be picking up pretty much from where Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny ended, though Mou-chan and Hakufu were working in a cosplay cafe at that time.

There's not much else you can tell from the preview, but it's entertaining to watch all the same!

Mou-chan commands you to click below!
NSFW past the click...

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April 21, 2008

Clannad's End, or "Can I Get A Light Cue?"

It took me nearly two weeks to swallow down the trepidation and watch the last two episodes of Clannad.  I knew that ep22 would finally show us Nagisa's play, and that filled me with dread... because, underneath everything that I've become over the years, there's still a part of me that wishes I could have followed my dream and become a lighting designer for the theatre.

Like the "Old Man", I had to let that dream go, though not for the same reasons.

In fact, recently Clannad had been punching some very touchy buttons in me, for reasons that will become clear later this week.  It took some serious effort for me to finally open up ZoomPlayer and run the final eps.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself doing something I hadn't done in a long time...


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April 13, 2008

Bad Ideas for Anime Crossovers: KANONKON

-Kanonkon, ep02

In this scene, Yuuichi meets fox-girl Chizuru for the first time in seven years.

I'm going to hell for this, aren't I?

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April 10, 2008

Random Anime Picture #18 and Trivia Question

...or Sloths In Anime, #1.
-Special A, ep01

Basic plot: Our Heroine is the best and the brightest.  Except for one guy who's better at everything.  Hijinks ensue.

Sounds fairly lame, but at least episode one was good enough for me to decide to keep watching. 

And, hey, it's the second time there's been a sloth in anime.  That's gotta count for something, right?  (Bonus Trivia Question: what was the FIRST time?  Extra Special Bonus Trivia Question: what's the link between the two, other than being sloths?)

UPDATE: Jeff Lawson guessed "the sloth in CardCaptor Sakura", which is the right answer!  See the comments below for the link betwixt them!

From CardCaptor Sakura, ep 13 ("Sakura and the Elephant's Test of Strength")

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April 09, 2008

Bamboo Blade Ganbatte!

I feel the same way, Tama-chan.

So Bamboo Blade has come to an end.  I'll admit to being kinda bummed about that.

Truthfully, and I'm going to have scorn heaped upon me for saying this, the adventures of Tama-chan and the gang have been the ones I've most eagerly awaited each week.  More than Kimikiss, more than Rosario+Vampire (easily more!), more than Spicy Wolf... and dare I say, maybe even more than Clannad?

Please don't get me wrong, BB is hardly high art... more like high Fred, Art's younger, less talented, brother.  In some ways, in fact, the show is kinda cheesy at times, sappy at others.  The character designs, particularly Dan-kun and his egg-shaped cranium, take a little getting used to.  The plot is nothing you haven't seen in a gazillion sports movies and anime before; the only difference is that our heroes are swinging kendo blades instead of baseball bats. 

But yet...

It's the characters that make any show, of course, and Tama, Kirino, Miya-Miya, Saya and Satori are a fun group to watch.  Yuji and Dan are just sorta... eh.  But, darn it, by the end of the series, I actually liked all of them. 

Sure, the plot is hackneyed and cliche-ridden.  Granted.  I don't care. 
Sure, the art isn't the greatest.  Granted.  I don't care.
Sure, there are better shows out there.  Granted.  I don't care.
Bamboo Blade was some of the most fun I've had watching anime in a couple-three years, easy.  Here's hoping for a second season!

...and more BLADE BRAVER!

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