July 23, 2006

Different Strokes.

SDB fast-forwarded through the last episode of Azumanga Daioh.

I've watched it five or six times, and cried every single time.

Sappy nostalga... gets me every time.

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July 07, 2006

Anime Nibblings

Official Overseas Reader Flotsky asked me to elucidate more about what I was watching, Anime-wise. And so I shall!

I'm watching (or intend to watch) a few different shows right now, actually. All of them are either currently running in Japan or their first run has come to an end. Yes, AnimeSuki is my friend (thanks to the Pixynator for bringing such a useful place to the public attention).

By now, anybody who's browsed teh intarwebs for anime talk has certainly heard about The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Heck, I've even posted about it once before. The series has come to an end (14 episodes), and I'm finally going to get around to watching the whole thing. I've seen the first four broadcast eps, and it definitely has my attention. One reason I've waited on it, though, is the way it's been shown. Y'see, Haruhi has been aired in a VERY odd way... seemingly out of order. You watch two episodes, then in the third you've got three new characters, and they refer to things that already happened, but we haven't seen yet. So I waited for the whole thing to become available, in case it was thought better to watch it in chronological, as opposed to broadcast, order. It's been suggested that I should both... so I prolly will (the chronological order is mentioned in the previews for the next episode, by the way).

Also on my watch-list is a show that I never thought I'd like: Ouran High School Host Club. Shojo-like series have always been a big turnoff for me... the animes that have prettyboys with overt homosexual overtones and (as SDB calls it) 'pointy chins' has never done it for me. And while this show certainly has some of that (and EVERY character has a chin you could use as a spear), there's something about it that makes me keep coming back. Perhaps it's that the main character is actually female, dressed as a guy... but I'd like to think I'm not THAT shallow! There's a definite sense of dry humor running through the show that meets my fancy, and as long as you can get past the character designs (chins that would be at home in a dartboard), it's pretty nice to look at, visually. I've watched three of the six I've d/l'd, but there are more than that available... I haven't checked if it's a 13 or a 26 ep show, but at the pace it's currently going, I'd guess 26. Plot so far: poor girl (dressed like a guy) attends rich high school, stumbles into odd gigolo-like club, breaks expensive vase, and is forced into joining the club... as a 'host', which makes her one of the most lusted-after guys in the school. Cue hijinks!

More after the jump: more...

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