July 30, 2011

Space Battleship Yamato Live Action Movie

I don't think it's possible to be an anime fan of my generation and not be at least a little familiar with Space Battleship Yamato or its bastardized American version Star Blazers.  While I've never been a fan, growing up I certainly saw a few episodes of one or the other.  However, I understand that it's hugely popular in Japan, and to a certain extent, here as well.  Back in January of 2010, a teaser was released for a live action movie version of Space Battleship Yamato to great fanfare.  When the movie itself was released, it outgrossed the second-to-last Harry Potter film in Japan.  It was released on Blu-Ray a little over a month ago.  Yesterday, it hit the torrent sites.

In some ways, I'm not the person who should be reviewing this film.  After all, as I mentioned before I was never a fan of the original anime series.  I can't stand up and say "Oh, that targeting unit is in the wrong place, RAGE HAET ARRRRRRRGH!"  In other ways, however, I'm perfect... because I can't stand up and say "Oh, that targeting unit is in the wrong place."  I can just sit back and enjoy the movie as a movie, and criticize it fairly.  But I DO know enough about the series that I've got a sense of what it's trying to represent.  And how does it translate to the big screen?


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