October 24, 2013

I Need Some Photoshoop Help

Here is a picture:

(Click picture for a full-sized version)
In this picture from Ep09 of Hidamari Sketch X Honeycomb, the namesake of my new computer, Nori, has just hit Nazuna (aka "The Cabbage") with a sick burn.  I very much wish to make this picture my wallpaper, except for one thing: I dislike The Cabbage.  Either in the manga or the TV series, she's just a horrible, horrible character, all wimpy and pathetic.

So here's my request to you, the assembled Pond Scum.  Photoshoop The Cabbage out of the picture for me!  I really want to do it myself, but considering my rudimentary skills in Adobe's wonderful program, the universe will suffer Heat Death before I finish the task.  So I ask you, the computer wizards, the artists, the photoshoopers, to do me a favor and remove The Cabbage. 

I can make it worth your while... a complex post, a Duck U t-shirt, something like that.  Or just effusive praise and a lot of ego-boo!

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