January 28, 2011

Rio Rainbow Gate! ep04

After the cliffhanger ending of episode 03 of Rio Rainbow Gate!, when a potential rival for Our Heroine arrives on the scene dressed as a chicken-wing delivery girl, I had a horrible thought.  "Could RRG! be developing a plot?  Is this primordial ooze of a show evolving into primordial ooze with small vestigial flipper-like things that may in fact turn into a pair of arms sometime in the distant future?  And could these squishy proto-arms perhaps allow our primordial ooze to operate a word-processing program by flailing at the keyboard randomly until a sequence of words appears on the attached monitor, words that actually form coherent thoughts and plotpoints, thereby accidentally injecting some drama and conflict into our cheesecake?  Could this be happening?"

"...we stand on guard for thee!"
(I bet you didn't know laser weasels were Canadian)


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January 18, 2011

Rio Rainbow Gate! Isn't Even Trying Anymore

Look, lord knows I didn't expect anything from Rio Rainbow Gate!.  If it was lucky, it would just be merely bad.  If it went like I expected, it'd be a massive trainwreck.  If we were truly lucky, it'd go off the rails in some Calvin and Hobbes-style calamity.

Like this one.  Thank you, Mr Watterson, for making life much more fun for a while.
After watching episode 03 of Our Favorite Cardsharp Show, it has become painfully obvious that RRG! has just hit a penny on the rail... and we're all to be Farmer Brown.


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January 05, 2011

Rio Rainbow Gate! ep01

Okay, so production house Xebec decided to make an anime based on a character from a series of pachinko machines.  Well heck, I've heard of stupider ideas I suppose.  I think it's safe to assume that there was some financial assistance forthcoming from the makers of the machines, but if JAXA can sponsor an anime, why not?  The question is, was it money well spent?  Could we have a sleeper hit on our hands, despite the overwhelmingly negative reaction from the usual suspects?


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