April 28, 2009

What's Wonderduck Watching? Spring 2009

So after a period of about six weeks where I watched practically no anime whatsoever, I marathoned the 10-year old series Bubblegum Crisis 2040, watching the 26 episodes in three nights.  Suddenly, I found myself wanting to watch anime again... it's a miracle!

"Well, sure, Wonderduck. That's great, but a decade-old show?  What are you watching this season?"

Five shows, actually.


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April 06, 2009

The Greatest FanFic EVAR!*

There is only one line that I dare repeat from this:

"You came here expecting to find a madman, but instead, you found a GOD!"

Hitler had become a Super Saiyan.

...and if that isn't great enough for you, just go here to read the whole thing.

*yes, sarcasm is intended.  The greatest fanfic ever is actually this.

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