September 15, 2008

MOAR ARIA!!!!11eleventy11!

Okay, so they're not new episodes, exactly.  Something called "picture dramas," actually, which were included on the ARIA the Origination DVDs.

A picture drama is more like an comic book with audio.  The seiyuus read their lines over still pictures, in other words.  For a show like, oh, Dirty Pair, this would be awful.  However, this is ARIA we're talking about here: slow-paced, relaxing, casual.  There was hardly any action to animate to begin with (though the animation quality was very good in the final series), so this is perfect.

And the art is pretty solid, too:

It's ARIA... of course the costumes are cute.  Everything in ARIA is cute!

The camera pans over the picture, so there is SOME motion, but you're still just looking at one still shot... but then again, who cares?  It's more ARIA!  More ARIA is always better than no ARIA! 

I haven't had a spare minute to watch the three Picture Dramas that have been 'subbed yet, but they're pretty short, around about seven minutes or so.  Maybe Monday, after I get back from performing my civic duty and showing up for the Jury Pool at the Courthouse.  Be a good way to unwind, that.

Thanks, BSS!  First you finished up ...the Origination when it was dropped, now you do this for us fans (not to mention the KimiKiss special)?  You like us, you really really like us!

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1 Tenchi OVA had one of those pictudramas too, and not even in extras: they cut to it right after ep.13.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at September 15, 2008 10:16 AM (/ppBw)

2 In the better late than never... didn't even know these existed.  Thanks for pointing them out!  It's like finding an unopened bottle of single malt in the back of my bar.

Posted by: Tiberius at November 03, 2008 03:48 PM (VD/19)

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