February 03, 2015

ARIA the Avvenire!

News leaked out today that we're going to get to travel back to Neo-Venezia!

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The website above was taken down nearly as quickly as it went up.  It seems to be announcing, in relation to the 10-year anniversary of the first series, a new BD boxset and, most importantly, a new series (or OVA?), ARIA the Avvenire.  If true, you can't imagine how thrilled I am.  The general consensus is that it is absolutely legit.  The scenery porn from a modern ARIA should be tremendous.

We've never had an ARIA show released in true HD quality.  The final season came out in 2008, when such things weren't common in the least... however, HAL Filmmaker is gone, merged with another company to form TYO, which has done the square-root of nothing since, so a different production house will probably have to do it. 

There are two obvious questions involved here.  The first is what the series/OVA will cover.  The existing shows didn't cover the entire manga, but they did get most of it, and what's left over may not be enough for a series.  It couldn't be new stuff from Kozue Amano, maybe focusing on Ai... could it?  The director for the previous series, Jun Sato, will also get the nod for this, which is fitting, right, and pretty much required.

The second question is what to do about Athena?  Both of her voices have passed away, Eri Kawai (Athena's singing voice) in late 2008 and Tomoko Kawakami (her speaking voice) in 2011.  They couldn't just write her out of the story.  Well, they could, but... no, I don't think anybody could accept that, including the anime staff themselves.

Getting ahead of myself.  Deep breaths.  Calm.  Center.  In with the good air, out with the bad...

I could cry manly tears of joy at any moment.

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IIRC, at the end of the series the three young girls all graduate, and the three older girls all retire. Isn't that right?

If so, and if they placed the OVA after that, they might plausibly disinclude the three older ones and thus avoid the voice problem.

More likely, though, is they'll find someone else to do the voice. There's precedent for that.

One is Fuyuki in Keroro Gunsou, who was also voiced by Tomoko Kawakami. Houko Kuwashima took over for her starting with episode 232 because Kawakami was too sick to continue.

Another is Sakamoto in Strike Witches. When time came to do the second series, the original seiyuu was pregnant and didn't want to take on the job, so they found someone else to do the part thereafter.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at February 03, 2015 07:08 PM (+rSRq)

2 At the end of the series the three young girls all graduate, and the three older girls all retire. Isn't that right?

Alas, no.  Alicia has retired from Aria Company to work for the Gondola Association.  Athena is now an opera singer.  But Akira is now The Prima Undine. 

I'm not saying they can't write her out... there's plenty of ways to do it... I just want my new ARIA to be just like my old ARIA, just better!  And I can't see how new ARIA can be better without Athena singing.

Posted by: Wonderduck at February 03, 2015 10:05 PM (jGQR+)


I'd seen the same rumor on ANN; God willing, it's true.  Listening again to Kin no Nami Sen no Nami right now... it never fails to move me.

As I coined years ago:  "When I die, if I come to in Neo-Venezia, I'm in Heaven; if I see the town of Glie, I'm in Purgatory; and if I see Lain, I'm in Hell."

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at February 04, 2015 08:14 PM (lU4ZJ)

4 Y'know the question, "If you could live in any anime, which one would it be?"

ARIA and Neo-Venezia.  There is no other I would be remotely interested in.  I might be okay with visiting a couple, but... 

Posted by: Wonderduck at February 04, 2015 09:47 PM (jGQR+)


Talk about this made me recall.  There's something I'd like to give you, via Amazon, but it requires an email address.  I'd like to assume that by having me enter my email in the "make a comment" you've access to mine, but one never knows. 

If you'd like to have my gift, an e-copy of my new novel (and yes, there's an Aria reference in it!), please let me know via writer @at@ 3-arstudios dot com (he said trying to fool the bots, with a posed look).

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at February 05, 2015 08:54 PM (lU4ZJ)

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