May 31, 2006

AMVs? Eat Up, We'll Make More!

Okay, commentor HC asked for more AMV suggestions, but this time 'single-source', or using just one anime. Go ahead, twist my arm... *OW!* Geez, you take me so seriously sometimes...

This list isn't organized by preference, just alphabetically, by the way, but they're all amongst what I would call my 'favorites'. Some are technological marvels, some could have been made with two VCRs... but they all resonate with me as 'awfully darn good.'

We start... below the fold! Azumanga Daioh is probably my favorite anime. Of the hundreds of AMVs made for it, Perfect Day is, in my mind, the one that best captures the spirit of the series. It's the first, and only, video by this particular editor, which is a shame... it's quite good for a first effort. The video quality isn't as sharp as it could be, and this is the AMV I had in mind when I mentioned the "two VCR method," but show me where special effects would have made a difference in this video. It's simple, it makes me smile, the song is right for the show, it's just a good job all around.

This one tells you what you get in the title: Half-Naked Cowgirls & Giant Robots, The Remake. Using Bakaretsu Tenshi, aka "Burst Angel", and a FUN song by Southern Culture On The Skids, you get a whole buncha eye-candy. WARNING: the tune is (very, very) mildly NSFW. Still, gotta love it, if for no other reason than that title.

Stuck In The Middle With You earns bonus points for using an acapella track by DaVinci's Notebook, the world's second-best acapella band. The episodes of Full Metal Panic! that I've seen haven't thrilled me much, but you gotta love the crisp, colorful artwork, which mesh with this video very well. A simple viddy, but effective.

The editor calling himself "Nostromo," on the other hand, doesn't know what the word 'simple' means. Except for his first vids, everything he's done is amongst the most visually complex and effects-laden on The Org. He's also just about the only person to make a good Ghost In The Shell: Stand-Alone Complex AMV. Vectorman is that video, and while it didn't win "Best Dance Video" in this year's VCAs, that's because another of his videos, Always Hardcore DID. Both are excellent, as is just about everything he's done.

Want some comedy? Watch Moods. Even if you don't like Love Hina, you'll enjoy this. And it's not a bad idea, if you think about it...

FIRE!!! has no plot. It has no meaning. On the AMVWiki, it is used as the example of an effects video. Strap it down, 'cause we're goin' for a ride.

So, that's a short walk around The Org, looking at vids using just one anime. Yes, I've left out many, many, MANY others that are equally as good (the editors DokiDoki and Vlad Pohnert, not to mention Kevin Caldwell, immediately leap to mind), but this wasn't intended to be an exhaustive study... just vids that I like that you might not have seen. Other than Nostromo's, and FIRE!!!, none of these have more than a couple thousand hits on The Org, last I checked... which means they're jewels waiting to be uncovered.

Enjoy, and comment, both here AND on The Org.

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