January 15, 2008

Random Anime Image #3

-Clannad, ep10

Take Kanon, and mix in some seriously funny comedy.  Stir vigorously.  You get Clannad

Are there sad girls (not in snow)?  Well, yes, of course, it's from Key, after all.   But it's not as overwhelming as Kanon or Air, and teh funnay is brung in every episode (save ep09, but that's the end of an arc)...

Two wingtips up, so far.

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1 Yeah, the funny is what separates this show from most other visual-novel adaptations out there. It's actually the biggest reason why I've continued watching; the whole Fuuko arc didn't really work for me plot-wise, but there were enough hilarious moments ("It falls off sometimes...") to make those episodes worthwhile.

Posted by: Andrew F. at January 16, 2008 06:09 PM (sUicM)

2 *snigger*

In some ways, Clannad is proving itself to be the funniest show of the year for me.  There's been more laugh-out-loud moments in it than any other series I've seen, that's for sure.

Posted by: Wonderduck at January 16, 2008 08:55 PM (AW3EJ)

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