January 03, 2022

Pond Scum: Many Comments.

Me When I Saw Them: ?????... !

Seriously, I did not expect so many of you to have stuck around for so long.  If I had not cried after typing "More Zombies" last night, I assuredly would be now.

It's not like I wanted you guys to stick around or anything... baka Pond Scum-chan.

Part II of the story of my predicament vacation is coming; there's a lot of bad things fun things to cover though, and you guys know me... my writing style is not what you could call brief and succinct, even as a joke.

One thing that may surprise y'all is that I didn't discover a lot of new music. Yootoob on my smurtfon was and is clumsy and rife with ads, I don't have Spotify, and there isn't enough storage in it for more than a couple tunes anyway. There was some though, so of course I'm going to make this post seem longer share it with you folks!

Read on, MacDuff!
First will be the most recent, a piece of K-Pop by "Girl's Day". The song, Female President, is a fine example of the genre, but that's not why I discovered it. Well, easier to show than tell, so...
I was working on a playlist of classic AMVs, and whenever possible I tried to link the one on the creator's channel. Mindblowingly enough, this is by Koopiskeva, the same guy that made the classic Euphoria, aka the #1 ranked amv at the Org, It's six years old, but damn that's nicely done. It isn't really the amv either; it was all originally done for another video which is on Koop's channel. The song is a bop too.

The next one is from 2020, named Lagtrain. It's actually sung by a vocaloid, the tune is by "inabakumori".
I actually found this during a search for FGO stuff; those are characters from the game.  The tired one on the train is the female version of the player character. Lagtrain apparently exploded upon release. Last I looked, there are over 60 different covers of the video. Yes, the video. See, the video is animated the same way this cover is. People replicated it with their own versions.  It's really kinda fun. This has to be the cheeriest song about suicide ever.

I had one more, but I can't find it.  Oh well, this'll keep ya busy until my next post, right?

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1 Every now and then I think about dabbling in stop-motion, and Koopiskeva is both helping make me want to try it more and making sure I never bother because DANG, DUDE.

I missed the Lagtrain, er, train but dang that's a catchy little number.

Posted by: GreyDuck at January 04, 2022 09:28 AM (rKFiU)

2 I think anybody who has owned a figma has at least imagined watching them move on their own. I know I certainly did, but there's two types of people in the world: people that take an hour to stand a figma straight up on its base... and Koopiskeva.
Lagtrain was an obsession of mine for at least a month. I probably watched 3/4 of the video covers, including the compilation one that synced up 60 versions all on one screen. Watching that one was a trip. But it's the song that makes it. There are actually vids analysing why it's so good, what is it that makes it so successful from a music theory-style place.
I haven't watched them. I don't need people to tell me it's got a great hook and that having that particular vocaloid sing with its fragile sound was a perfect choice.
But I can be something of an egotistical snob, too.

Posted by: Wonderduck at January 05, 2022 09:35 AM (bHHXR)

3 Reminds me, I've got an android game loaded called "Figure Fantasy" and the characters are apparently anime figures (generic but familiar, I'm guessing). I haven't tried it yet, though.

Posted by: Ben at January 05, 2022 01:39 PM (3npKf)

4 Ha, am I the resident idle-gacha-game expert? (WD is, of course, the FGO guru, no contest.)

Figure Fantasy is probably the most beautiful idler I've ever played. It's just staggeringly pretty. It's still, however, an idle game. You have to be okay with the fact that if you give them any money at all, what you're doing is paying to race toward the nearest available progression wall which you'll be able to surmount once enough time has elapsed to amass enough loot to "buy" your way past that hurdle and on to the next.

Did I mention it's pretty, though? So far I'm honestly quite happy with it. It's even being moderately generous, considering this is still early days on global mind you, as with all such games the drop rates will go to Helena Handbasket at some point.

Also, purely from an "I play too many idle games" perspective, I like the mild strategy positioning elements and that there are only three main factions (plus two kind of side factions that aren't in the main rock paper scissors structure) instead of four, and there's a lot of good QOL UI elements.

Which is to say: If you're okay with idle games at all, Figure Fantasy is about as good an option as I've seen, so go for it.

Posted by: GreyDuck at January 05, 2022 06:11 PM (rKFiU)

5 Excellent! The positioning strategy is a fun aspect of a game called Valor Legends I'm playing. I've pretty much let idle gaming take over my gaming life, mainly because I can chat while the game is running.

One I have to be careful about with that because the story is so good and you never know when dialogue is going to pop up is Endless World. It's on Steam. As I told Wonderduck, the second the protaganist called me "
Ftumch" I was sold.

Posted by: Ben at January 08, 2022 02:06 AM (3npKf)

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