January 15, 2007

F1 Pr0n, McLaren-style!

Toyota's car was nice. Ferrari's car was nice. But this...
Oh.  My.

...this is just obscene: the MP4-22 debuted today, and I'm diggin' it! Click below for more pr0n! The Glare With Wheels, Redux.

In comparison to last year's MP4-21, the MP4-22's sidepods seem slimmer, and perhaps more smoothly formed into the body. The front wing endplates are less angular, more streamlined. Oddly, the air intake is more humpbacked; seems like a step backwards, but if any team knows what they're doing, it's McLaren.

NOT something you want to see in your rear-view mirror...

The sideplates on the front wing are... different. And note this: in comparison to the Toyota and Ferrari, no tiny 'biplane' wing over the main front wing. What do they know that the others don't? And what is the point of the tiny grille under the Mercedes logo?


It should be easier to tell this car apart from the Midlands/Spyker this year... more red! It's a helluva livery, gotta admit that. And again, like the Toyota and Ferrari, the rear wing has a definite bend in it. I wonder why this seems to be the big thing...

Mmmmm... sweet, sweet chrome...

The sidepod air intakes seem much more smoothly rounded, in comparison to last year's car. Of course, the viking horns are still around.

All pictures courtesy of Team McLaren's website.

Lovely stuff, no? I believe Honda is next up... and THAT's gonna be an interesting one. Not because the car will change much, but because the livery is supposed to be... green!

Lets wait and see, shall we?

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1 The side pod cooling ducts seems a little smaller.

Also that litte front ram vent is on the the MP4-21 as well. They must jam something up in the nose that gets warm. They also have the bigger rearwing endplates we see on the other two cars.

Posted by: buttons at January 15, 2007 10:48 PM (K9Mty)

2 What's with the "humpback"? Not a very "graceful" line.

Posted by: madmike at January 16, 2007 05:06 AM (vPT3H)

3 The side pods looking smaller is mostly a function of the picture being taken farther off-center. OTOH, they do look a bit narrower and taller. They also look they're raked back kinda like the intakes on an F-15. At least more so than last year's edition.

The humpback probably has a better Cd than the previous version, particularly if it tapers down on the sides more gradually compared to the old car.

Posted by: Will at January 22, 2007 11:38 AM (SOx9v)

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