September 22, 2007

Where Ya Been, Wonderduck? (and a Duck In Anime, too)

Actually, a better question might be "where's your boss been, Wonderduck?"

He got married a couple of weeks ago, and has been off on his honeymoon... leaving me the only person with keys/alarm code/etc etc etc for the Duck U. Bookstore, as well as the only full-timer.

In the past two weeks, I've worked around about 110 hours, 10 out of 12 days, and so on. Not too terribly bad, until you realize that about half of the hours were spent ALONE, with no staff to help.

So I've had very little time to watch much of anything, be it Anime, F1, or whatever. "Normal" blogging will resume soon.

Now for one of my favorite 'ducks in anime' pictures of all time... because it's so moving:
Alone... so alone... in the dark... *snif*

From Hidamari Sketch, some episode that I didn't keep track of.

Darn it, when will you humans realize that DUCKS ARE PEOPLE TOO? You can't just leave one of us in the dark, alone, like this!

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