October 20, 2009

We Gots Photos!

And how!  Take a gander at this baby:

That's the TF108 Jarno Trulli drove at the 2008 Grand Prix of Japan, near as I can figure... that's certainly the one-off helmet he wore.  It's probably sans engine, and is on slicks as opposed to the grooved tires they used last year, but it's one helluva looker!

Pete Z kindly sent this to me a couple of days ago.  He's over in Japan and visited a place called Toyota Mega Web, the website for which describes it as "Look! Ride! Feel! Car Theme Park!"

Sounds like a fun way to kill a few hours to me... particularly in "motorsports square", where this picture was almost certainly taken, or in the "history garage", with the GP Archive (with replicas of old F1 cars) or the Alessandro Nannini Cafe.  The whole place is located on the manmade island of Odaiba, in Tokyo Bay.  Tokyo Big Sight is located there, too, so it becomes a complete geek haven for a while, what with Comiket and all.

Hmmm... Formula 1 and anime/manga... sounds kinda familiar...

Thanks, Pete!

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