February 28, 2010

USF1 2011?

Word came down today that USF1 has officially petitioned the FIA to delay their entry into the Formula 1 World Championship until the 2011 season.  As reported by SPEED, the team has offered to pay a substantial bond to the FIA as a show of good faith.

If this is true, the FIA has only two options: approve the delay, in which case we might see the team next year, or deny their request and strip them of their entry altogether.

A last ditch effort to combine forces with Serbian-based StefanGP, who purchased the assets of the former Toyota F1 (including their 2010 chassis) but has no entry, failed spectacularly.  After talks broke off, the owner of StefanGP released a statement castigating both the FIA and USF1.  In part, it read "...the dreamers from the USA will have to explain their actions, because they are deliberately weakening F1, dreaming about a perfect world and fairytales of success. And success doesn't come by talking but with hard work and a lot of guts."

And from buying another team's car, apparently.  In any case, if the FIA kills the USF1 entry, they then have the option of awarding it to another team.  StefanGP is the most likely candidate, but they've also cheesed off a lot of people.

Two weeks to go...

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