January 18, 2006

Ugh, blech, and guh.

Still fighting the ick.

Ick losing, but still holding on.

Actually called in sick to work today. It's the first week of school for the spring term. Me being sick this week is like being sick on the day after thanksgiving for a normal retail store.

I feel guilty. But today, there was no point for me to even try to go in... even I realized that.

It seems I posted something on the BMW-Sauber rollout last night. I don't remember doing it. I was in the middle of my fever-cycling at the listed post time (720pm). I was feverish, but with chills and sweats at the same time... and either I was hallucinating or it was a vivid dream, but I swear my legs were made of wood.

Maybe I'm not really a duck, but a decoy?

I'm much better now than I was then, but that's not saying much. From the e-mail I exchanged with my boss, they were going to get another manager into my store to help out... I spent the day in bed, never even tried to call in and find out who.

I still don't feel good. I shoudn't even be thinking about working tomorrow. Dammit, I feel guilty about missing TODAY. But I'm sick! But I should be at work, it's my JOB!!! They don't pay me to be sick and miss the busiest time at the store!

...god, I hate this...

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