January 13, 2018

Tracks From The MP3 Player

The other day, I was chatting with a coworker during one of my rare lunchbreaks that didn't involve me taking a nap, and she told me something that both stunned and amused me.  See, the Powers That Be decided that it was time to put someone in the desk next to me... it had been empty for a month, much to my pleasure (imagine discovering you're the only person in a row of seats on an airliner)... and my new neighbor apparently was able to hear the music from my headphones... but only a certain type of music as it turns out.  Metal and/or Other Loud Aggressive Music.  Via conversations with her friends, a good portion of the office appeared to believe I listened exclusively to Screamo.

For the record, nothing could be further from the truth.  I do have a single song by a screamo band, "On My Own" by The Used, but I didn't know it was that genre.  Amusingly, I first heard the track eleven years ago, more or less, as it was used to make a music video for my favorite Japanese wrestler, Hayabusa, after the terrible in-ring accident that paralyzed him.  Okay, that part isn't amusing.  A while ago, another coworker "stole" my mp3 player because she was bored and wanted to hear something new.  Sadly, she no longer works there, or she could have put a stop to the rumors.  I don't know if I convinced my accuser of my varied musical tastes or if she thought it a case of 'the duckie doth protest too much', but I gave her The Pond's address and told her to look for a music post.  If that's you, hello, see you monday!  If it's not, hello, Pond Scum!  Click "more" for, well...

Defenders Unite - Niklas Johansson
You can't have "screamo" without "scream," and this is definitely without screaming.  Or words in general.  I don't know how I found this artist, but anybody who can turn out stuff that sounds like ES Posthumus on a laid-back sort-of day is okay with me.

Live For Life - Aimi
Ben-To was a fun little show that I'm glad I did writeups for, but it took until years later... like about six months ago, maybe... for me to realize just how good the soundtrack for the series was.  Case in point, the full version of the main OP tune.  For a while there, this was my "start claims" song... come in, get everything set up, load the first claim, and press start on this track.  There's something about her voice that gets me, particularly what I've come to call 'the steam whistle' in the chorus.  Listen with headphones, you'll know why I call it that immediately.

Tengoku No Kioku - "Rei Ayanami"
Yes, of course I know it isn't really the character, but I can't actually find the performer's name.  If you want to hear the vocal definition of a voice that could be called "fragile", this is it, right here.  The first time I heard it, I thought it was good.  The first time I heard it through headphones at work, I thought I would cry.  Maybe I was having a bad day or something, but it just got me right there.  No, not there, a little to the right.  Yeah, there.  If my coworkers knew how many times a day music brings me near to tears, they'd worry about me.

Vashta Nerada - Traffic Experiment
Scratch that.  They probably worry about me anyway, in that whole "why did my coworker bring in a chainsaw today" sort of way.  I love this track; they really nail the whole "One Of These Days" sound.  Since that's far and away my favorite Pink Floyd song, nearly as much for the concert lighting as for the actual music, I can give it not a whole lot more praise.  Plus, hey, Dr Who Theme.

edit: if you listen from 1:08 to around 4:58 or so, you get a less tiring song.

Radio - The Members
Lyrics!  In English!  Well, I never!  Who would have thought?  Yes, I have '80s music on my mp3 player.  I know!  I'm sure you're flabbergasted.

S.T.A.R.S. - Marina Inoue
Yes it is.  Would I lie to you?  Of course this is on my mp3 player!  I may not have liked Gurren Lagann, but the song is catchy as all hell, why wouldn't I have it on my mp3 player?  Somewhere in Texas, Ben from Midnite Tease, has just sneezed...

Signal 30 - Public Service Broadcasting
The latest musical obsession.  I so desperately want to make a Formula 1 video to this song... and yes, I know the BBC already did.  The difference is, mine would be good.  Unfortunately, when the Humble Bundle offered Vegas Pro 14 for $20, I couldn't afford it... Merry Christmas, don'tchaknow?... so I missed what was probably my best chance for a good non-linear video editing suite.  Bah.  At first, I didn't much like this song... it didn't take all that long for my opinion to change.

So yeah, that's some stuff that's on the mp3 player.  If my coworker sees this, please convince everybody that I DON'T listen to Screamo.  K?  Thanks!

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1 BTW, Kawaii Menace from your sidebar has moved.  

Posted by: Mauser at January 13, 2018 11:17 PM (h8yX6)

2 A long time ago, yes.

Posted by: Wonderduck at January 13, 2018 11:41 PM (h8yX6)

3 So Gainax just went and animated an entire promo video for an insert song? (Admittedly, my TTGL knowledge is nearly zero, so there's probably a good reason for this that I'm not aware of. A quick Googling didn't turn up a clear answer.)

Excellent run of music here. I liked all of them, each landing somewhere on a scale of "good" to "superb."

With you on the PSB obsession. Which makes the second time I've been obsessed with a band with that acronym, as it turns out. So, so good. Who knew that "awesome grooves with newsreel voiceovers" would be a genre I'd need in my life?

I think that Dr Who theme riff needed to be about half the length, though. It kind of wears out its welcome partway through. All attempts to use or replicate the Dr Who theme seem to work best in small doses. PSB's... er, the other PSB's "Pandemonium" sneaks up on you with it. Pink Floyd's "One Of These Days" stops down for a few seconds of it, then goes back to business.

Anyway. What a way to start a Sunday, thank you!

Posted by: GreyDuck at January 14, 2018 11:43 AM (h8yX6)

4 GD, I gather that S.T.A.R.S. is actually just a character song for Yoko, not even in TTGL.  However, Marina Inoue was fairly hot at the time, so Gainax smelled a single!!!
And I pretty much agree with you on the Who Floyd length.  Maybe a different video might help... I've seen one that's also a "cover" of the openings for the various series, it looked neat.

Posted by: Wonderduck at January 14, 2018 04:17 PM (h8yX6)

5 Gainax cashed in on the popularity of Yoko big time.  I *think* S.T.A.R.S. appeared as an extra on DVD originally, but I could be wrong about that.  But, as far as influence the video had, there are at least two figures that were created solely from the S.T.A.R.S. video.

Posted by: Ben at January 14, 2018 07:18 PM (h8yX6)

6 ...and you have at least one of them!

Posted by: Wonderduck at January 14, 2018 09:22 PM (h8yX6)

7 Possibly two...does she appear in the maid uniform in the series?  Anyone?  (I've tried watching the series five or six times...I just can't do it)

Posted by: Ben at January 15, 2018 04:28 PM (h8yX6)

8 If it's the same person who did Rei Ayanami's voice in the original series, it's Megumi Hayashibara.  If it is NOT the same person, then I don't know.

Posted by: Ed Hering at January 15, 2018 04:59 PM (h8yX6)

9 Yup, it's her.  I cannot explain why I couldn't find that out the first dozen or so times I looked.

Posted by: Wonderduck at January 15, 2018 07:07 PM (h8yX6)

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