September 09, 2014

Summer's Over!

So earlier today, in my copious amount of free time, I decided to check the weather forecast.  I had heard something about thunderstorms when I had gone out to pick up my "Keep Wonderduck Alive" pills, and I wanted to find out just when this was supposed to happen.  Imagine my surprise when this greeted me:

Dammit!  I just did laundry, too.  Now I'm going to have to dig sweatpants out of storage and do another load separately.  This has got to be a glitch, right?  It isn't really going to go down to -2°F tomorrow, right?

Dammit.  Well.  That's going to be... um...  quite the temperature swing.  I think I'm going to be not outside at that time.  Actually, best to be safe: I'm not going to go outside ever again.  It'll be better that way.

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1 Could be worse.

...pressure here is about to jump from 28.8 to 29.7 instantly, then vanish for a bit (along with the temperature, which I guess means it'll be a hard vacuum outside for a few minutes).  Hopefully I can post this before Minneapolis implodes...

Posted by: Mikeski at September 09, 2014 11:02 PM (luDkn)

2 "copious amount of free time"
I wasn't aware you could say that unironically.

Posted by: RickC at September 10, 2014 04:49 PM (0a7VZ)

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