May 09, 2018

Still With Us

I'm still alive, still kicking.  Compy chair is still killing me, despite memory foam pillow and another pad to boot.  It's taking a toll on me, though.  Broke down twice at work yesterday... went on my lunch break intending to take a nap, and just couldn't get comfortable no matter what I did.

Hope to get the broadcast schedule up tonight.

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1 Is your company big enough to do ergonomics evals? If so, they might be able to recommend a different chair. Would a standing desk (many of them allow you to switch between sitting and standing through the day, so it's not standing 100% of the time) help or just make things worse? 

When my pelvic TMJ got really bad that one time (I think it was due to taking a long walk across site with a heavy laptop bag on one shoulder), the only thing I could do was take time off work and lie in bed (which I hate doing, I absolutely hate feeling useless) for a few days and then be very very careful afterwards. (My doc did prescribe me some painkillers, but I was afraid to take anything while pregnant.) And let's not discuss the heartburn. And the vertigo. Man, was I ever glad to give birth to THAT kid. I'm sorry you do not have a time-limited solution like that :-(

Posted by: Mrs. Will (Kathryn) at May 09, 2018 04:50 PM (h8yX6)

2 Ooof. Fingers crossed that you can turn a corner on all this soon.

Posted by: GreyDuck at May 09, 2018 05:17 PM (h8yX6)

3 I asked this once before but we got sidetracked.  Will the company let you bring in your own chair if you can't get them to supply you with a better one?  If so, can you afford to buy one of your own?
I did a quick bit of Googling and Amazon has a basic ergo chair with a "padded seat and back for all-day comfort" for $65.  Also found an article listing "5 best ergonomic chairs for hip pain" that had one for $229, and another that was under $100, but unfortunately that one was out of stock.

Posted by: Rick C at May 10, 2018 09:37 AM (h8yX6)

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